Saturday, October 21, 2017

Hug Boxes

Also known as care packages, but I like to think of them as hugs from the giver. I think they must be one of the reasons we go to college. Haha! Anyway, I've received two of them so far (hint, hint!), one from my kind mom, the other from my used-to-be public speaking teacher.

The box from Mom.

The box from my teacher. 

Thank you, Mom and Mrs. A.!
I love you both!

A Day Away

Last Saturday, I went with some friends a little ways up north to Taylor's Falls. It was a beautiful day and lovely to be away from the city.

The St. Croix River.

Look, trees!

Tyler basking in the sun. 

Kenan and Henrick grilling hot-dogs while CJ looks on. 

Food! Tyler made sure to bring his tea.

After eating, we began to hike.

We ascended until we had a lovely view of the river below. 

Tyler and Hannah relaxing. 

Trees, river, sky - splendor. 

A dead tree silhouetted against the brilliant sky. 

That cute couple once again. Just to let you know, they're courting, not dating. 

Henrick and Tyler. 

Hannah (not mine), Jenny, Henrick, and Tyler. It's fun to see some of the same people in my pictures that were in Priscilla's pictures two years ago. Here as well. 

Paradise for the city-dwelling country girl. 

Then I hung out at Hannah's house for a while. 

Wonderful fall days to you!!

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

From the Heart

I'm used to writing from my heart,
Letting the words flow out in rhythmic, almost poetic movements
With odd similes and metaphores, 
They bubble out in my own creativity. 
But that is not the way of academia;
You must write from the head.
You must write what is "right,"
Academically correct.
I am learning to, or trying to, 
Write from the head, 
Not the heart. 

Sunday, October 15, 2017

A Wedding and Tea

Alaina and I walked toward the park on that brisk, chilly Friday morning. The wind smote my cheeks as we ascended the hill in the middle. At the top, we waited for the bride and the guests. Unfortunately, the other guests didn't show up and the bride was late. The groom never came either. But it was a lovely wedding. 

Well, the wedding didn't really happen, but we did really go to the park for it. That was probably one of the silliest things I've done, but it was kind of fun. 

When we got back to the house, we finished preparing for our tea party that we had planned (the reception for the wedding 😉). A couple of the freshmen arrived early, and soon more came. The bar filled up with tasties, and I made some homemade chai. The house smelled of a "mulled cider" candle. Before long, most of the guests had arrived, which ended up being about half freshmen and half upper class-men. We gathered around the dining table, Scott gave a toast to the bride, and Ian gave thanks for the food. Then the chatter began as we enjoyed the delicacies. 

After eating, we continued the fellowship and dancing commenced. Alaina tried to teach me, but it didn't last long. Some of our friends really know how to dance, some of us do not. 

Enjoy the bazillion pictures of the day. 

The brilliant colors at the park. 

Alaina waiting for the bride. 

Showing our regrets for the guests that were too late for the "wedding."

The table decor.

Yes, donuts had to be a part of the tea. 

The delicious chai. 

Ian and CJ in their tea garb.



CJ and Jacky

Tyler and Hannah

Come to the table.

Scott giving the toast.

Cheers for the bride! (Apparently, I was ordained as the pastor.)

Aww! Hannah and Tyler.

And the dancing begins. 

Swing your partner. 

Ian and Jenny

Jessica and her arm. 


Jessica and Jesse with CJ, Scott, and Jacky in the background.

Hannah and Tyler, again. 

Hannah, Tyler, CJ, and Jacky. 

So ended a wonderful day, one of my favorites. 

Sunday, October 8, 2017

An Escape (BCS Fall Party)

Bethlehem College and Seminary (the one I attend) hosted their Fall Party like usual this year. I got to go for the first time, and I had a blast. I didn't even mind that it was raining: we were in the country! No need for complaints. It was a beautiful place, a real escape for a few hours. There were rolling hills, fields, woods, animals--pristine fun. There were people too. I talked to friends and met new people, played tug-o-war and another fun game, ate good food, worshiped, went for a walk, and had a hay-ride.

The barn where the festivities were held.

Ahh... the view. 

Gates, fences, fields, sky, trees--this is home. 

One of our professors, his wife, and a junior, Christina.

Tug-o-war got serious. 

The people.

A donkey I got to hand feed.

A horse I did not hand feed. 

The sky tried to clear up a little. 

Nothing like a country road. 

And corn fields...I love corn fields. 

How about a fire in a puddle? Why not?

Fun, refreshing times with friends and country. 
Thank You, God, for escapes. 
I love You!