Wednesday, December 13, 2017

A Little Girl Again

For a few hours last week, I was a little girl again.

It had been a stressful, strange week for me, with drastic downs. Anyway, after math class, somehow I didn't have the focus I needed to study for my grammar final. I got really crazy: dancing, skipping, running, jumping. The pain and agony was still there. The confusion and hurt still lingered in the back room, but for a few moments, I was happy.

I wore pearls and flowers to the final.

I smiled and laughed.

I was a silly little girl.

I am thankful for the respite God allowed me to have while so many others were stressed and weighed down by school.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017


Right now I am in the midst of finals. This morning I had a math test that actually was better than I thought it would be. I got a 77. Yay!

After math, I helped with the Somalian Adult Literacy Training where I helped a woman who has a daughter in college. Her daughter is coming home for Christmas and she is excited. It made me think about my own mom and how she's excited that her daughters are coming home.

Then I went downstairs to help at the Bethlehem Staff party, and I had fun with Hannah and some of the juniors. They are my favorite people.

Then I went home and cleaned. I am supposed to be studying, but Jesse and Scott are over, and I am not getting anything done.

Friday, December 8, 2017

A Cozy Evening

The other day after class and a cold walk in the snow, I went home with Hannah. We did a lot of napping. I was very tired that day, and her cozy, dark house only added to the problem. But it was certainly a memorably good night. I am thankful to have a sister nearby to hang out with.

We also made dinner and cookies together, drank tea together, and napped together. Wait, I already said that. The point being, I spent most of that evening resting on Hannah's couch. Then, when her room-mates came home, I laughed at them as they danced and laughed at crazy things.

Cozy evenings are good to have once in a while, although maybe I have them a little too often.



I was having a lot of fun taking random cozy pictures. 

This picture has a comforting tone about it. 

Tea: "Just my type."

Have a cozy Friday and stay warm (North Carolina, I know what it feels like).

Last Class

Today was my last official class for the semester.

Now we have finals. That'll be fun.


Anyway, it is good to be done with the actual classes.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

THE Cutest Niece on the Face of the Planet

Well, I know I am a bit, or a lot, biased, but when my Dad sent me these pictures of Johanna, I nearly lost my mind. She is adorable, and you simply cannot deny that fact. I am so glad I was able to see her this Thanksgiving. I think this was the 4th time I have seen her during her life time. : (

That little hand...and look at Hudson's face. 

Basically cousins. 

"Hi!" That's one of her favorite things to say.

She's a big eater. 

Her smile is simply wonderfully contagious. 

That's one proud aunt right there. Or should I say, a super happy, blessed aunt?

Attacking Hudson.

She can be serious, sometimes. 

Dad and Daughter

No words. I wish you could hear my grunts and sighs and awwes. 

She's literally the softest, warmest, loveablest, little cutey ever. 

The Leake family. 

Johanna and her youngest aunt. 

I think I have worshiped the little girl quite enough. Yike!
Have a fabulous day.

Monday, December 4, 2017


A butterfly. need to tell anyone that I am literally posting for the 4th time today!

Anyway, I love butterflies, and this picture shows home, summer, and butterflies all in one. 

He's missing a wing, but that's ok because I think I lost all of mine. 

Wait...I had wings?


I should go to bed where the cares won't find it easy to chase me down. 

Someone did give me a hug today, and I doubt she knew how much I needed that. 

God knew. 

It's Snowing

Earlier tonight, rain was pouring down (hence my nap in the library!), but now it is snowing. 
The picture above is actually snow, as much as it may look like rain. 
More of God's beauty showering down on me. 
Sometimes I forget His goodness. 
His gifts are abounding. 
He is good. 

God's Glory

God's glory shown through His creation makes me happy, so I'm posting lots of pictures of His beauty while I'm a bit of a mess. Just look at those clouds! Clouds are really "fascinating" (as Alaina would say!)! 


It's a struggle, so I'm fighting with the Lord at my side. The Light will conquer the darkness. 

That's a Minnesota sunrise, by the way, in case you have never seen them. 

Keep up the good fight of faith, my friends. 

The Lord is on our side. 

He is good. 


Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Move Us

I'm weak.

I am small.

I am distraught.

That is why the other night, a poem began to boil up in my mind, so I climbed out of my cozy bed and began to pen the words. Today things got harder, so I penned more words. I may add more as I see fit, but so far, here is my poem. I hope it encourages you. That's one of my goals in life: no matter how down I feel, I still want to "provoke [others] unto love and good works" (Hebrews 10:24). 

Move Us

Move us on
Move us to
Move us on
Moved by You.

Move us to
To the place
Move us on
To see Your face.

Move us by
Your Spirit shine
Move us on
Lord divine.

Move us through
Storm and rain
Move us even 
In the pain

Move us, Lord
Your will be done
Move us, Mine
You are the One.

Move us onward
Through the fight
Move us forward
In Your light.

Move us, Father
In Your will
Move us, Lover
Keep us still. 

Move us, Lord
Just to move
Move us, Christ
Your power to prove.

Move us, Lord
To love You more
Move us, God
You we adore.

Move me, Father
I want to stop
Move me, Gracious
To the top.

Move me, Shepherd
I'm Your sheep
Move me, Helper
Make me leap.

Move me, Strong One
I am so weak
Move me, Mighty
I'm Yours to keep.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Crazy Mexican Brownies

I found this recipe for Mexican brownies and had a lot of fun making them and photographing along the way.
This is the coffee that inspired me to make the brownies. You see, I don't care much for coffee, so when I drink it, I have to doctor it up with creamer, sugar, cocoa powder, and a little cayenne.

Getting ready to cook.

Ingredients. Of course, I tweaked the recipe a bit like usual by using whole wheat flour instead of all-purpose and using a little more cayenne than it called for. I also used only 3 eggs instead of 4; I think it makes them fudgier. 

Basically caramel. 

Adding the dry ingredients. 

Pour into a pan and cook for about 20 to 25 minutes. 

Now for icing. The recipe for the icing is here. I also twerked this recipe by adding about a half teaspoon cinnamon and a shake of cayenne.

So delicious. 

I drizzled it in a crazy "design."

Look at the moistness!

The cook. 

Bring a pan of these delicious brownies to your next get together...

And see how much you have left by the end of it. 

Dirty napkins and a crumby plate, maybe?

My studio: the radiator does a fine job.

For a really moist, fudgy brownie, put the pan in the refrigerator over night and slice. Wow! That's good stuff. 

Well, if I haven't inspired you to make some brownies, I don't know who will. 

Saturday, November 25, 2017

New Jersey Thanksgiving (#2)

Continuing from my last post...

Thursday finally arrived, and we began the day by watching the sunrise, once again, in the cold.

The sun was hidden by lowing laying clouds. 

There crash those beautiful waves. 

The beauty of the rising sun over ocean is breath-taking and God-praising. 

Later in the day I walked once again across this barren strip of sand between ocean and houses. 

A bike lures a rider. Notice how there's no need for a lock; we're not in Minneapolis, that's for sure. 

I spent a large portion of Thursday in my aunt and uncle's house, helping her cook for the big dinner. 

Finally, dinner is ready. Gabriel and Emily smile at me through the porch window. 

I got to sit at the kids table with our cousin Hudson, Lydia, and Bethany. 

Johanna taking a big bite of soup. 

I jumped back and forth from my table to the big dining room table. Mom, Emily, Gabriel, and Hannah. 

Hudson, Johanna, and Josiah. 

Ten seconds before I shot this photo, Johanna was on top of Hudson. It was so funny. 

Tyler the old man. This chair rises to let people off. 

Lydia and Johanna. 

I blew this picture up because there is so much going on in it. Gabriel being his normal self, Justus looking at him with a funny face, Cindy smiling, Emily resting, and more. 

Lydia took this picture of Jesse dancing with Johanna. 

"Uncle Jesse!" was a phrase we heard a lot from Johanna. 

Who could be a prouder aunt to...

A cuter niece?

What a cute little family! Josiah, Cindy, and Johanna.

We had to get up quite early on Friday morning to get to the airport. Here Tyler and Hannah look wiped out. 

Priscilla and Justus. 

Well, that was my Thanksgiving! What was yours like?

Have a happy Sunday!