Wednesday, August 30, 2017

The College Cookbook

Some really delicious soup I made last night. The recipe is to follow. 

So I may begin posts about foods I make, and they will be a sort of series under "The College Cookbook." Some will be made up (as this soup is) and others not necessarily. 
This first one, I will call...

Creamy Mexican Rice Soup

Cooked rice
Black beans
Red crushed pepper
American cheese

Notice how I don't have measurements, and that is because I did not measure except for the cheese and beans. You can just add the rice, a little water, a small can of black beans, chicken, spices, and salt. Let it boil, then add the remaining ingredients (3 or 4 pieces of cheese), ending with the fresh spinach. Let it cook a little while and then enjoy the delicacy. 

And it IS a delicacy!
Good night!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017


I'm missing this place a little right now. 

We always have been cool people. 


(The first two photos were by Dad)

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Then and Now

It's been a crazy busy weekend. Tomorrow classes start, so I thought I'd take the time to do a post of my new life. I took several pictures at home of what my surroundings used to be like, then when I got to MN, I took pictures of my new surroundings. I hope you enjoy.

My front yard then. 

My front yard now. : (

My driveway then. 

My driveway now. 

Things to see along my old driveway. 

Things to see along my new driveway. 

My road then. 

My road now. 

My bed then. 

My bed now. 

My room then. 

Shall I say "My basement now"? I guess I've already had experience with basement living at camp. 

Well, that's all the then and nows, but I have other pictures from the last few days as well. 

Glistening water in a poplar leaf at home. 

The sun's glow through bright yellow. 

I have taken multiple pictures of these tress at home in all the seasons. I think I will always be amazed at their beauty. 

Literally one of the cutest sleeping beauties out there. (My neiece, Johanna, might surpass Lydia.)

Bethany, Dad, Mom, Lydia, Aunt Alice, Cousin David, and his daughter, Melinda. We stopped by Aunt Alice's house for dinner in Indiana. 

A tiny old car we saw in Minneapolis. 

Bethany, Emily, and I. 

I think that's it for today, folks!
God bless you!


Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Before I Leave

I got back from camp on Sunday, and tomorrow I am going with my family to Minnesota.

I am about to enter probably the scariest season of my life so far. I will be the farthest away from my home for the longest amount of time in all my life. I will be studying stuff that is most likely way over my head. I will be paying big bills I've never had to worry about. I will be going through the coldest winter of my life.

You see, I'm going to college.

I'm leaving my home, my mum and dad, my sisters, my country, my trees, my swing, my gardens, my paradises, my bed, my friends, my church, basically my last 20 years.

But it's not really a bad thing, just a new thing. God has it all worked out, all planned, all cared for. I'm all cared for by my Father. He is with me, will never leave me. He will go with me up to MN. Unlike other things I know, God won't stay behind.

So before I leave, I want to say goodbye. Not goodbye because I'll never see my friends from NC again, or because I'm going to stop writing on my blog. But just wanted you to know why my posts my be less frequent.
Anyway, I need to go pack!!!

Thursday, August 3, 2017

The Counselor's Life

I'm still a counselor at the camp. This is the third Children's Week, and I was a counselor for a church from Red Oak, NC. I loved this week so much and was a little sad to leave early to help with the wedding. Yes, Priscilla is getting married in two days!!
Anyway, the kids loved me (at least I like to think they did), and I definitely loved them.

Here are some pictures from the last several weeks.
One Saturday afternoon, Dad, Mom, and I went out to The Table for my Birthday. Then we walked around Asheboro and I pushed back a train. 

One of the beautiful sunsets on top of Long Arm Ridge. 

Another sunset. 

One Wednesday, a couple guys came for the day and took footage for a big promotional video. Here some of the staff and the videographers are watching the drone high above the view. 

Children's Week one on Long Arm Ridge. 

Sunlight patterns. 

Kids from my church last week. 

Me with Kelly, a staff member. 

Chapel by the lake. 

The tables set for lunch when we had several staff ( also known as my friends) over to eat with us after church. 

Becca, Magic Zach, Jessica, Jae, and Kelly at the Post ( the camp store). 

The sunset from two nights ago. 

Good day!