Friday, November 16, 2018

Spring, Art, and Sunshine

This is a bit of a random-things-of-life post, so I hope you enjoy a peek into my days of late.

After our hurricanes back in September, a bunch of leaves were torn off. Well, in the last few months new leaves have come back on. This green maple right here was quite empty a few weeks ago, but now it is looking nice a green again. 

We have had so much rain this week, and some things look so springy. 

I LOVE water, especially running, bubbling water. 

More fresh green leaves. 

Some art. I have been feeling a little more artsy lately. Last week, I braided my hair all up, and I think it is a kind of art. Also, my crocheted shaw is rather artistic as well. 

Where the imagination blossoms. This has been my card-making desk as of late. 

Drawing when you're nearly blind. My eyes are usually 4 or 5 inches from the paper. 

This was a difficult one, but I love the end result. 

Ahh...imagination. I love drawing card designs. 

"Just my type"

One of my little models. 

Even in the rain, I can find some cheer. 

After all the rain, we finally got some sun. Here it is flooding the kitchen table cloth. 

It's so bright! It was a wonderfully brisk 35 degrees out. 

I love the wet leaves reflecting the sun. 

Little drops aglow. 

I went down to our Leakey Spring. It was so clearly and bubbly. 

More glare from the sun. I cleared a bunch of debris from this little creek. 

Monday, November 12, 2018

When Four Friends Come for a Visit. . .

. . .You have fun.

You see, we all worked together this past summer and haven't really seen each other since then, so I decided to invite several of them over for dinner and time together. As it turned out, only four ended up being able to make it. However, that did not hinder us from having a lot of fun.

Dad took a bunch of pictures of us, so I'll just show them to you real quick.

We went for an adventure in the woods, including a visit to my "house" and the spring, when Dad spotted us from the porch and asked us to line up for a picture. I think this one's kind of cute; reminds me of a funny family picture. From left to right we have Michael, Jessica, Anthony, me, Mom, and Lydia. Yeah, my hair was slightly crazy that day.  

Then we stood around and chatted. 

We had dinner when Zach, the guy between Michael and Anthony, finally arrived. He had traffic troubles. 

Relaxation after dinner. Zach must have still been hungry as he was eating the pillow.

Dad took a bunch of us on the couch. 

Something was funny and we actually caught Anthony smiling on camera. I look a little devilish, but oh, well. 

I think this was supposed to be the silly one. I guess Zach and Michael thought that fighting was silly. 

Attempting to be serious, but we were struggling. Anthony's smirk...

OK, there we go. Very serious, because we're never laughing. 

Never laughing. 

Zach eating the pillow. Haha!

Well, all I can say is that God has given me a gift in recent years that I haven't always had: good friends. These people drove over an hour, close to two or even more, to see me, and so I am very thankful. With Thanksgiving coming up, I am thinking more about thankfulness. I think I am often not thankful and content for what I have, and I can easily think of bad things in my life, but I know that God is good, and He has given me much more than I need or could have even thought of. 

Good Monday to you!

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Adventures in Asheboro

Mom and I voted last week, so while we were out we went on to Asheboro to have some fun down town.

The church where we voted was right by the Deep River, so we went down to look at the beauty. You can sort of see Lydia behind that little, bushy tree. 

Meanwhile, Mom and I walked on the bridge over the river.

Looking downstream. Isn't it lovely?


Lydia joining us up top. 


Lydia really wanted me to take this picture of a house up on the hill. 

The old mill. 

In Asheboro, we went to some antique shops. I thought about buying this dress, but it was too expensive. 

I found this dress for Lydia, and she did get it. It is real cute. 

I love these lace curtains. 

The building across the street. I thought the colorfully painted rooms were unique. 

There was a very out of tune baby grand in one room of the antique shop, but Lydia and I played it anyway. 

More windows. 
And then my dumb old camera ran out of battery. So that's that. 

On another note:
Wow! This fall really sprung upon us in NC. The colors burst open and now the wind is blowing it all away. God's glory and beauty shows in a fresh way in fall. 

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Little Civil War Girl Photo Shoot

The other day, I had the privilege of meeting a girl from the civil war era. She was a great client and I enjoyed this little photo shoot with her using my mom's camera. 

Isn't she pretty much perfect?

She hand made this dress with the help of her mother. 

She looks strong-willed and a bit stubborn. Probably a Confederate. 

Oh, but she can be a sweet one, too. Definitely from the South where everything is sweeter. 


"The light is bright, but your eyes twinkle brighter, Dear." 
                                       ~ Line from The Golden Sun

She just plopped down into the grass, or should I say, weeds?

She went quite well with these two superb poplars. 


Large Oak trees always make a good backdrop. 

Maybe she's less sure of that idea. 


We don't need to travel to find the cool locations, just a walk through the woods. 

Then a calm sun fell on her face. 

Just a simple walk. 

The mind of a child. 

Well, that's it for the day. Thanks for joining us on our little adventure. 

God bless and give you more insight into His glory. 
Your Friend,