Thursday, February 8, 2018

Friends and Brothers

I have met a lot of people since I first came to Minneapolis in August. Everywhere from old ladies to little babies, teenage girls to 20-something seminary students, rambunctious 5 year-old boys to mature brotherly men. Pretty much the whole gambit.

It has been a good time. I have enjoyed these people and friendships immensely, and I hope to continue growing in relationships that point me toward God.

I have a room-mate that I can chum with. I can tell her in particular, things I wouldn't tell anyone else (besides family). We understand each other. It's funny how you can get a room-mate and share your secrets and know she won't tell. It's good to have someone close like that. It's different too, though. I've always just had my family.

Then there are other good girlfriends, like other house mates, that I can have long conversations with and laugh about weird things, pray together, and share our thoughts on subjects without judging the others.
Alaina, Erika, and Leuxie

Of course, I have my blood sisters that I can whine to. I laugh and joke with them too, don't worry. But they listen, and they rebuke, and they make sense.
Hannah and Priscilla

And then, there are the boys. They're the ones I rebuke. Haha! I tell them what to do and scowl at their immaturity and then laugh with them at their jokes. I do love them, I just have to out up with them.
CJ, Tommy, and Jesse-Morgan

Finally, my brothers. They're champs. They ask me pointed questions, they're real, and they treat me like their little sister, which I love. I love having brothers I can go to for advice and see a different side of the coin. Girls are wonderful and I need them, but they think like I do. Big brothers think like I should. So I need them.

Actually, I need them all. God gives us friends, good friends, for a reason. Get some good ones if you don't have any yet.

I'm happy. Hope you are too.

The Sis

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Something I've learned

Here's a quick lesson I've learned:

Don't bring your best friend to school with you. 

Not my picture.

Why? You are already good friends and you don't feel the need to make new friends. You have each other, you are attached and feel safe. Why try to make new friends? You can become reclusive and rude toward others. Besides, you should each be able to decide on your own where you want to go to college. I could see this being OK, but I also know it can be bad. 

I know it sounds really tempting; I'll admit that I hoped one of my friends might come to the same college as I did. Now, however, I am so glad that did not happen. First, we have different plans and goals that different colleges could meet in different ways. Second, I could see myself pulling toward her because I felt comfortable. But since I was thrown in alone (besides siblings, which did help), I was forced to make friends of my own, to go to things on my own, and make decisions based on my own thoughts, not my best friend's. 

So, don't do it. Be the person God meant you to be, not who your friend meant you to be. 

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Still Rejoicing

Even though...

I'm a little sick...

Having a hard time keeping up with my reading...

Would probably rather be in Haiti right now...

It is rather chilly out (4 degrees with a real feel of -17)...

I still have an injured toe...

And I'm missing hanging out with Mom and Lydia who were here for a week. 

Even though all of this...

I'm still smiling...

I still have friends...

God still reigns over all and He is good...

The sun still shines...

I have Cool Whip (although I don't think that is very conducive to being sick)...

My old lady childness still comes out...

AND...I'm getting a new brother!!!!

Hip-hip-hooray for Hannah and Tyler!!

So, after all, my life is pretty good, and I'm still rejoicing in His grace.

Monday, January 29, 2018

Country Time

I've been thinking a lot about my native North Carolina and the beautiful rurality of my area, which I call "my country." The trees, moon-rises, sunsets, sky, birds, squirrels, dirt roads, creeks, moss... I love it and always will, no matter where I am. Sometimes I find it hard to believe that I was actually born in that house up on the hill. An unmistakable jewel for sure.

Join me in my recollections of my time home for a month in winter. Bare with me, there are a LOT of pictures! Thirty-three to be exact.

Kitchen window view

Nothing like an old, gravel, dirt road

Our creek

I don't think I will ever tire of seeing this road, my road. 

Fresh, spring-like green in winter.

The country porch

Not many people can sit on their front porch and see this. 

Practically completely country 

The swirling, twisting mountain road

Home-bred girl from North Carolina 

Dirty feet

Winter color

Let's go over that hill and see what adventure awaits us...

View out my bedroom window

Back in the day when we had a tree in our driveway. 

Growing up in the country, being born in the upstairs room where those two windows are, and having the family I have are some of the most amazing gifts I've been given. 

Country color

I call it southern sugar: orange, gooey sweetness.

We're sisters, country sisters; don't mess with us. 

Reflections in a country creek

Moss and water, green and blue

Yes, I was born here.

Nothing really extraordinary about this except that it was in North Carolina. 

Some reason, this reminds me of Africa, but it's practically my backyard (besides, I've never been to Africa, so how should I know?).


Grackle time

I'm convinced that snow is prettier in the country. 

Snow day.

The neighborhood favorite.

Snowy Country Road

A fairly common occurrence in North Carolina winters.

The forest bids me come. 

The rain makes everything greener, not drearier. 

Well, there it is, my home. My country in 33 pictures. Do you have a favorite?
I thank God for His gifts to me. 
I didn't choose this,
I was born here.