Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Adventures at Stone Mountain

*Note: started a while back.

On Labor Day we decided to go to Stone Mountain in NC. Apparently, half of NC also thought it would be a good day to go hiking. The parking lot was jam packed to the overflow. However, we know of another route up, so we weren't with the crowds as much. Also, we like to go off the trail. At one point we were on a section of the great slab of rock, but no one else was out there because it was off the beaten path. It was great.

The view from the top is amazing. You can see the surrounding mountains for miles around. God is so mighty and good. The mountains make me think of how great He is.

We also went to some waterfalls in the park. We really like the water.

There were so many of these flowers in the mountains. 

Lydia looking good. 

Walking up the mountain the back way. 

The first little view. Not much

Another one. 

I can't get enough of those rolling hills. Too much. Oh, wait, I just said I couldn't get enough. Modern English is very strange. 

I spy a little color coming on down yonder. 

Lunch break. 

I like these pictures of close up branches and blury backgrounds. 

This was on the other side of the mountain where no one else was. So sneaky. : )

Yep, another one. 

Hickory grass lands. 

Dad on the rock.

Always with a camera. 

Just beautiful. If this isn't a picture of God's majesty, I don't know what is. 

Just a little girl in a great big world. 

Wow! So much beauty right there. 

A little trail though the blueberry plants. 

They were turning red and looking gorgeous. 

A bedroom in the old homestead at the foot of the great stone. Can you imagine living there? What! That would be amazing. 

We went to this little water fall. 

Lydia, just hanging out in the water. 

Oh, water. What a wonderful thing. 

It was just agushing out. 

Another little waterfall under the rock. 

A slightly larger water fall. 

From the top of the last one. 

God is good. 

It Seems...

Indeed, it seems as though I am slipping into the abisque. Slipping into the neverland.


Anyway, the point being, I have been struggling as of late to put anything of any importance on the blog. Actually anything at all. Yike! Well, I am not leaving you. I have this weird attachment to this blog. Even after creating other ones, I continue to use this old guy, no matter how silly it may be. I like it, the name, the look, the poems, pictures, stories, etc.

So, no matter how quiet it may seem on my end, I do still exist, and I'll continue to exist as long as it seems reasonable. Besides, if anyone besides my mom and sister exists on your end, I wouldn't know.

Hope you're having a great end to summer.


Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Flowers and Kittens

I have started a funny little habit of bringing flowers in a little glass bottle to work. It seems to brighten everyone's day up, so that makes me happy. One of my coworkers is similar to me in some ways, and we talk a lot about flowers and herbs and things of that nature.

Our kittens, Miko and Buttercup, are growing up. They are so much fun sometimes. When I read my Bible out on the porch in the morning, they come and sit on my lap. Sometimes they run up to me like dogs.

The flowers 
Miko's tail in the background. Haha! They flowers are monkey grass, black-eyed susans, and rosemary. 

 The kittens
Miko and me

Buttercup and me

Buttercup really likes a good rub.

Buttercup looking alert. 

A very intense little Miko. 

That's all for now, folks. 

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Virginia Creeper Trail

*Note: I started this post weeks ago. My, this blogging things has not been too successful as of late. 😞

Earlier this week, Mom informed me that the rest of my family was going to go biking on the Virginia Creeper Trail on Thursday and that I should try to get off work. I tried looking for someone, but, alas, no one could take my place. I had told my boss about it, and even though no one could take my place, he said I could go. I was very happy.
So, early on Thursday morning, the 6 of us, including Hannah and Tyler who are leaving the country soon, packed up into the mini van and took off. Along the way, a warning light of sorts came on the dashboard of the van. Then, shortly after, there was a pop and a large crash showed up on the wind shield. We stopped to check things out and then went on our way. (Later we found out that it could have been pretty serious, but we didn't know that at the time, and God kept us safe.)

Anyway, we finally got the bike rental, and they loaded up our bikes before taking us to the top. Then we began our adventure.

This is where we started. 

The adventure begins. 

The view from above. Mountains look different when you're in them and above them. 

The first bridge I think. 

Tyler and Hannah peering over the edge. 

The biking lot. 

A little path from the biking lot led to this pretty little view.

Aren't they cute?

A huge field of squash. I seriously don't know why anyone would ever want so much nastiness. 

An old train station along the route. 

So much beauty. We followed this creek most for the way down. 

Another bridge. 

Underneath the bridge was pretty cool. 

Oh, yeah, we love water. 

There they are: Hannah, Lydia, Tyler, Mom, and Dad. 

Lyd the Bid.

Some places were flat and smooth, and the trees hung over ever so wondrously. 


A master piece by Tyler. 

An old train engine. 

A beautiful old house. Look at all those porches! Absolutely sublime. 

The ice cream place. 

Lydia and I had to get the real stuff: Cappuccino. Yummo!

A relaxing end to a delightful day. 

I so many pictures. I still have more. I think that's why I was putting it off. Anyway, there you have it.