Sunday, July 15, 2018

I Won't Forget

We made it safely to the park and got out of the car. I figure I made a comment about making it alive.  Anyway, we joined the others and began the trek along the path that winded past a soccer field and by some trees then down to a long bridge.

We walked to the other side of the bridge, then we went the "adventurous" route; we turned off the paved path into the woods on a narrow trail.

Somewhere along the way, the group detached so there were two groups, the one being made up of us girls and Sam, while the rear was totally made up of the crazy boys. 

Well, this went on, till I decided we needed to run away from the bad guys. 

We all ran through those woods like wild women (and a man). This was my enjoyment that I threw onto the others. 

We ran a few more times. 

The "homosapeans", as we called those boys, eventually caught up with us. They threw the Frisbee over our heads and into the woods. We came to a creek and sat and watched a yellow bird and walked into mushy ground and skipped stones across the water and did silly things and laughed and, and, and--oh, we had fun. 

We walked back together and Alaina and I kept saying the same thing. We were basically twins. 

We sat on the long bridge and watched the non-existent sunset, but it was still fun. A quiet, restful moment between us and God. 

The birds sang around us. 

That night ended very good for me. I have good memories. 

And we made it back alive. Thanks, Jacob, for not killing us. 

One of my favorite memories. 

Saturday, July 14, 2018

To the Farm

After my work assignment with Jacob this morning, Mom and Lydia picked me up and brought me home. About an hour after coming home. I was on my way to the farm: one of my favorite places to be. 

One handsome dude. 

Best friends

The farm yard tree

After the third visit and trying to entice this fellow to come to me, I sang Amazing Grace for him, and he finally obliged. 

Time for a walk on the gravel. 

Sunday, July 8, 2018

More Hand Made

Remember the green prairie dress from the last post? Well, it no longer exists, but a skirt has recently come into existence. It is a copy-cat from a black skirt I got from a thrift store and love a lot.

Lots of pictures of the skirt. 

War buttons. 

Detailed lace

Too many books_college books, mind you. 

You know your sister is a reader when she buys ten books at camp. 

She's back. Wild girl, she can't stay still for a second. 

Friday, July 6, 2018

Hand Made Things

Over the years I have built up a collection of handmade items to wear or behold. Excuse the cheesy photography. Do you have a favorite?


Blue skirt

My first ever real dress, the green prairie dress

The Brown Paper Bag

Pink Pansy

My all-time favorite: Patriot. 

Sleeping skirt, yes, I actually wear that to bed. 

The coolest shaw ever

A very soft shaw but not as big. 







Other Things

My first quilt; very raddy. 

Another very raddy thing, a purse. 

Paradise Garden quilt

There are other things I've made, but where are they? That is the question. Probably gone in antiquity. 

I'm thankful for the hands God gave us to be able to make things. 

Wednesday, July 4, 2018


Tidbits from break of camp...

Beautiful flowers on a morning walk.

Refreshing water in our creek. 

More flowers. I don't know what they are. Anyone?

Clear water

The jungle. 

Looking down the steep bank into the jungle waters below. 


Tiger lily 

I got an urge to listen to Christmas music in July. 

Strawberry juice. 

Pretzel dough

Strawberry Italian soda

My second choice


A Christmas music marathon wouldn't be complete without the family favorite. Number 7 is where it's at. (Someone in my family might get that. Bethany?)

The finished work--a masterpiece. 

A morning trip to the pool. 

Home made ice cream is amazing. 

And before we are done here, I must make an announcement. 

My first nephew, Addison Moses, was born on July 2nd!!!!
I'm gonna be his favorite aunt. Just kidding. 

Happy Independence Day!
Thank God for the freedom we have first in Him then in this country.