Sunday, September 17, 2017

Another Party

I don't think I've actually told you about all the parties I've been a part of, but the number is steadily increasing.

Last Friday, our freshmen class was invited to my cohort leader's house for dinner. It was a lot of fun, to get to know his family and just hang out with everyone.

Hanging out by the fire.

CJ and Tommy.

CJ, Tommy, and Jesse

Professor H. with some of his kids.


Life from the Father
Life He has given to us
Life of Jesus the Son
Life of Himself
Life to death
Life again
Life we live
Life He gave
Life we own
Life to love

Sunday, September 10, 2017

One Rainy Day

One day it was really nice out. It was a beautiful, warm day. One to make you smile, one to give you cheer. It was great.

But then...

Then came some wind, fierce and strong. The clouds began to cover the landscape in a dark, gray cape. Like a ghostly old blanket, flying through the September sky.

Then rain fell.

It suddenly became a cozy day. A beans-in-the-crockpot, tea-drinking, cuddly kind of day.

The blanket has been tossed across the sky

The trees blow about in the wind.

The piano beckons to be played in the cool dimness. 

The 4-plex wears a solemn expression as the storm descends.

Last glimmers of light to the east.

The pantry holds an unusual stillness. 

From the basement window. 

A drop of rain hits the pain. 

More are quick to follow. 

Until the window is drenched in the watery substance. 

Cooking-beans fill the room with an unforgettable aroma. 

And just as quickly, the sun swirls about in light, casting its glimmer onto the shimmering road below. 

Puddles reflect what they're meant to reflect. We should reflect what we're meant to: Jesus. 

Just another storm in the life of a reflector. 

Monday, September 4, 2017

Looking for Home in the City

Although I live in the city, I find the beauty of country whenever I can. I went out and captured the glory of God's creation right in my yard.

I suppose these pictures pretty much speak for themselves. 

Happy Labor Day!!

Friday, September 1, 2017

That Glory

My freshmen class along with our professors and one professor's wife went to Camp Shamineau last weekend for a retreat. While there, I was reminded afresh of God's exploding glory and grace. We each had the opportunity to share our testimonies, and it was so awesome to see how Christ has worked immensely in each of our lives.

Also, the camp was right by one of Minnesota's many natural lakes, and I saw through creation God's glory displayed in awing proportions. The lake, the Milky Way, the moon--wow! It was incredible.

The community center in the middle of our weekend dwelling. This is where we shared our testimonies.

We did team-building activities. Here CJ is being joked while everyone holds onto him as I and two other classmates lead them with our clapping. It was quite a funny ordeal.

The lake. This is where I spent nearly every minute of my free time.

With my feet hanging from the dock into the refreshing water, I finished my reading for the following Monday.

Shiny black sand.

The winter of summer: death in a tree.

The life of summer: sunshine in a flower.

Driftwood, glossy in its wet beauty.

It began to downpour while I was out there. The others ran back to shelter but I stayed safe and dry under a little hangover to a shed.

The dark rain clouds.

Good memories. 

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

The College Cookbook

Some really delicious soup I made last night. The recipe is to follow. 

So I may begin posts about foods I make, and they will be a sort of series under "The College Cookbook." Some will be made up (as this soup is) and others not necessarily. 
This first one, I will call...

Creamy Mexican Rice Soup

Cooked rice
Black beans
Red crushed pepper
American cheese

Notice how I don't have measurements, and that is because I did not measure except for the cheese and beans. You can just add the rice, a little water, a small can of black beans, chicken, spices, and salt. Let it boil, then add the remaining ingredients (3 or 4 pieces of cheese), ending with the fresh spinach. Let it cook a little while and then enjoy the delicacy. 

And it IS a delicacy!
Good night!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017


I'm missing this place a little right now. 

We always have been cool people. 


(The first two photos were by Dad)