Friday, November 17, 2017

Going Crazy

I've been going a little crazy the last few days for various reasons, so I've been thinking a lot about how glad I am that God isn't going crazy. He's got it all together, and He won't let me go. 

Wednesday, November 15, 2017


On Saturday, I had the privilege of joining Hannah, Tyler, and Tyler's twin, Travis, on an expedition to the north. Mid-morning or so, we drove up to the quaint town of Stillwater. I had been there before, but the only times I had gone had been in the summer. It was a beautiful day with snow freshly fallen from the night before and crisp, cool air. It was lovely to get away form the bustling city for a little while. We walked to the river, went into several antique shops (Travis's love language), ate at a pizza place, and walked up the hill to see the view. It was a fun time.
Enjoy the trunks of photos I have here.

There's Travis in the red hat-thing walking around in one of his favorite places. 

These stairs are rather mesmerizing. I seriously wondered how that old building could hold the tons (literally: in the literal since of the word!) of antiques. Those floors were really creaking. 

That's the kind of sewing machine I want.

Tyler's face when I catch him gooing.


Need a tee-shirt?

The hill we climbed from the top. 

This house is utterly beautiful. I would love to live in it, at least for a little while. 

The street from above.

The river is already icing over! The view is literally breath-taking. 

I have a thing for elevators. 

The house on the hill. 


The old lift bridge. 

So blue!

Strawberry Italian cream soda is de-li-cious!! I recommend it. Thanks to Tyler, I can enjoy wonderful things once in a while. 

Bonus: You should make some placinte. It is worth the high cost of feta cheese and the delight it gives your college friends. 

Look at that cheese!!

OK, I think I have done enough (and I need to write my paper, or read, whichever one my brain will do best at tonight--ha! If anything!)

Wednesday, November 8, 2017


After so many days of clouds and rain, it has been pleasant to have sun again. I have been trying to enjoy it as much as I have time to do so because this time of year (and the area that I live in) is not conducive (is that the right word?) to providing that delicious Sunny D. Yes, and you should definitely be taking your multi-vitamin because it will give you what you are not getting in natural sources. Anyway, done with the GNC man's advertisement. So, I took some pictures to celebrate the light.

Yes! That is sun shining into the living room!

The cold finds its way into the house any way it can, such as through this crack between the boards of the window frame. It does so, not because he loves us, but because he loves to bother us. 

But the sun triumphs over the cold as it floods in through the window. 

Ahhh...what a perfect moment for a sunny afternoon nap. 

Pumpkin candles in the sun add charm to an otherwise ugly coffee table. 

Chipped polish in sunlight. What a mesmerizing sight. Uhh...what?!

The sun-bedazzled rooms. What a cozy view. 

Sometimes we day dream while reading. Look at those eyes, they're not on the book, are they?

That's a blue sky, folks, enjoy it while it lasts. 

Yep! That's sun shining on that building, just in case you were wondering. 

Wow! That was probably one of those really weird posts. 
Oh, well!
Life is good. 
Love it. 

Friday, November 3, 2017


It started snowing this afternoon, and it was quite beautiful. I had to write a paper, so the snow was a bit of a good distraction. Oh, well.

This morning's sunrise was bright and cheery.

Besides the snow, I also distracted myself with hand-writing, which I prefer over typing. 

Here it comes!

When you have to write a paper and snow is falling...sigh.

Look at that!

Yes, that is snow. 

Well, happy Saturday!

Thursday, November 2, 2017

My Life

Get up, go to class, read, write, go to bed, get up, repeat. 
But God is here, and He gives me respite. 

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Mum has a Birthday

Yep! Today the best Mummy in the world turned--well, I guess I better not say just in cased she be embarrassed. But she really is my favorite mother in the whole world (of course, I could be a little biased!). I am so thankful that God gave her to me (you could look at it the other way around: God gave me to her). Anyway, I hope that if you haven't enjoyed my mom yet you will one day.

Dad took this picture on the morning that we left to bring me to college. This must be a hard Birthday for Mom since I'm not there. Haha! I hope that's not true!

Happy Birthday, Mum!
I love you!

Thursday, October 26, 2017

The Fall of the Year

Once upon a time, the year fell.
The leaves turned yellow
The trees wore gaudy clothes to tell
Every young and happy fellow
That the year fell.

Oh, it had not died
It only fell down in shades of bright
It was not sad nor cried
But laughed through the windy night
Because the year fell.

It shouted one last time
It shined its blue sky
It pranced to the rhythm and rhyme
It swung its arms dry
As the year fell.

And then, 

In a whimper,
It clouded darkly all around
It lost its rowdy temper
And sifted silent snow to the ground
When the year fell. 

I went through great lengths to procure this picture: running barefoot, jacket-less outside at night in the cold as it rained. The adventures of a stupid photographer.