Saturday, April 21, 2018

In a Week

Last Saturday about this time, we were getting a blizzard. There seemed to be no end to the falling snow. This morning I went out barefoot, did cart-wheels and hand stands, climbed a tree, and got dirty in the sunshine. It has changed from winter to spring so suddenly. I checked the weather for the next several weeks (not that it's super reliable), and the temperatures are getting higher and higher. I went for a long walk by the river, and I will probably have a good sunburn.

Oh, the joys!

See, God was right when He said in the Psalm that joy comes in the morning. Winter doesn't last forever, even in Minnesota.

Last week's blizzard (more like, snow that just kept falling).

This morning's backyard sun.

Napping on the lawn.

I love dirty hands. It usually means work or play, both good things.

Dirty bare feet with remaining snow in the background.

Very dirty feet.

My view from the tree. 

Don't worry, Mom, I did clean my feet. The spicket is one of my favorite parts about summer.

By the way, I am getting the sunburn I talked about. 

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

She Lives

I live and my life isn't as amazing or adventurous as some might would want, or even as much as I would want. But life is really made of the mundane. I think some people make too big of a deal about the big things that happen in their lives, they forget the little things, the blessings that God has provided abundantly to us least deserving people. Their lives look falsely wonderful. I think I have done the same thing, so I want to show what my day to day life is like.

Who wants to see a toilet? Hey, it's a vital part of life, and I really love the way the morning sun lights up the room. 

I am becoming one of those weird natural body cleansers kind of people. Or I just don't have the money to buy new more shampoo. Oh well, that's life.

I love to draw, but at college I don't have the resources I have at home. I simply used a scrap piece of printing paper, a pencil, and a picture. 

Now I have time to leisure read. Not sure you would call this a leisure read, but I guess I mean I can read it at my leisure. Just say "leisure" one more time.

My friend and housemate Jessica knows me well. Her Birthday present to me. 

Pocket portrait of my niece. She's much cuter in real life.

My Birthday cake was apparently the best thing I have cooked.

First Birthday party, and we played banana grams.

I cleaned the bathroom. Look at that, you can see through the mirror!

Sometimes the best thing for my soul is to sit on the floor, listen to Sons of Korah, and write in my journal while the sun brightens the room.

A cozy corner on the floor to read. 

It snowed again. We got a blizzard. 

Parties are fun. We had to cancel the shower for Hannah because of the blizzard, but because people made food, we had a shower rehearsal. 

Basically liquid licorice and the snowy world. April 15th is different around the world. 

Sometimes when I'm a little distraught, I become more artistic. 

This was good stuff. I brought it to Tyler's, and Keenan said he would take the whole pan. After small group, I delivered the remains to the boys. It brings me joy when they actually like my food. 

Sometimes when I go for a walk, I play tourist and take cool pictures. 

Writing out lyrics to songs is just more fulfilling then printing a plain sheet off the computer. 

So my life is awesome because it is the life God gave me, but it's honestly no more awesome than yours. Start enjoying the "mundane." I'm not sure that's even a thing in God's eyes. 

Friday, April 13, 2018

The Beautiful Place I Call Home

It's been one of those days that I'm longing for the country, anywhere away from this city. Take me away from here!

Anyway, home is on my mind. That's full of country. I can simply walk out the door and I'm practically in the woods, even if it is raining.

So, with my longing, I wish to stab several country pictures up on the target. Yike! That sounds strange. Well, we better get started; there's a bunch.

Back home last summer. Our creek. 

Clear, fresh creek water. 

Black-eyed susans in Minnesota. 

That was somethin' to remember. A lake in Minnesota at the camp where we had out freshmen retreat.

Horse on the farm in Minnesota.

A hike along the St. Croix will do you some good.

Back home again to those lovely trees.

Yes, you know I couldn't make a post like this without a picture of our road.

Don't you ever just long for a nap in a ditch along a country road?

I'm glad I call this place home. 

Those girls automatically go with home. 

A winter sunset with so many silhouetted bare trees.

That little droplet of light.

We basically live on top of a mountain. Isn't it glorious!

I miss this. 

Yes, and them swirvin' roads. 

Uhwarie Mountains near Sophia, NC.

Wouldn't you envy this bedroom window view? I'm not tryin' to make you jealous, but I don't have to envy it (when I'm home).

All them trees, just biddin' you to climb 'em. I'm sorry, my English just goes down heel when I'm thinkin' of home. 

Ain't that a purdy driveway? 

Of course, this one's purdier 'cause it's mine. 

Ain't that some'in?

Well, I guess that'll do for now. 
Take me home!
OK, I gotta be thankful for where I'm at right now. 
This is where God placed me.

But give another month and a half--woof!--I'll be swept away to paradise.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Kitchen Quartet

When I first started helping in the kitchen for lunch after chapel, my main reason was to get free food.
Who wouldn't? Free food is good.

It didn't take me long to realize there was a much better reason than that. Honestly, it's a lot of fun. I've been able to get to know people I might not have otherwise. We talk, laugh, work, and just hangout, even when the work is done. I actually look forward to chapel lunch for the sole reason of cleaning, drying, and putting away dishes and of course, the people that go along with that.
C'mon! Working with people is fun!

It's all fun, but probably my favorite part of the work is the singing.
It kind of looks like she's singing, doesn't it?

Somewhere along the way, we are apt to sing a hymn or two or three, depending on the time everyone has. Sometimes we sing while working, but sometimes we don't get to it until we are done. The reason is usually because the men are too engrossed in their deep (or not so deep) discussions. Sometimes they forget we need to sing. Sometimes (most of the time?) I have to state the obvious fact that "we haven't sung yet." Sometimes they seem a little tired, but I tend to make them sing anyway.
Of course, probably a deep discussion about cooking hot-dogs over a grill is going on in this picture.

And let me tell you, these guys know how to sing. So does my dish-drying buddy, but she often leaves immediately after we are done. However, my singing is, well, not so good.

Anyway, someone picks a song, usually a hymn, and begins singing.

It is beautiful.
Like flowers

Sometimes I think that is my favorite worship service. Four people singing their hearts out in the middle of the kitchen. It's true, we sing with vigor and heart. It is a special, sweet time.
Sweeter than crumb cake.

When we're done, we might stand there for a second and silently ponder the moment. We think on the words that have encouraged our often weary souls.
Deeply pondering whether he should jump or not.

The Kitchen Quartet may have a terrible female voice in there, but she sure loves to sing.

That's part of the reason the kitchen has become a special, sacred place.
Definitely a spread of violets is a sacred place. 

Well. I realize what was supposed to be a post more on the serious side has possibly been discouraged by these absurd captions. Sorry. And I know the pictures are random, but honestly, I don't care much for pictureless posts and I'm likely not going to read a post without pictures.