Monday, June 27, 2016

Good Friends

According to our computer, this picture was taken two years ago today. I remember the day very vividly, and --boy!-- was it a great day! These are our great friends since 2007 or '08. We (Bethany, Lydia, and I) had spent the majority of our day with them because Mom was gone with Hannah and Priscilla volunteering at TGC Women's Conference 2014 (see last post), and Dad was at work. We wnet to the pool in the morning then spent all afternoon mostly playing sockey (I will need to do a post about that game), and when Dad came to pick us up, he gave us all a truck ride. God has blessed me with great times and great friends. 
From left, going around the group: me with Sally, Anna, Lydia, Caleb, Sam, Jack, Ruth, Bethany, Tim, and Maggie with Ben.


The Green Shirt People

Last week I was a "green shirt person" for a few days. On Wednesday, June 15th, Mom, Hannah, Priscilla, and I left early in the morning for Indianapolis, IN for The Gospel Coalition (TGC) Women's Conference. We got to our destination in mid-afternoon.
This is a bad picture of Indy (as many people call it).

We saw our brother, Gabriel, and talked with him for a while. We helped with some setting up and had orientation. After a dinner of Domino's Pizza and meeting some of the other volunteers, we prepared for early registration. We didn't get many people that night, and eventually we stopped and went to bed.
We stayed in a hotel that was attached to the convention center (where the conference was held) by a sky-walk, so it was very easy to go to and from our hotel.

The first night we were there, Indianapolis had a harsh thunderstorm. That is the capital building, I believe. 
I brought this toy Kawasaki motorcycle because Gabriel just recently acquired a motorcycle. It turns out that he actually has a Kawasaki.

Registration. You can see all the volunteers in their green shirts.

By Thursday, we had a line of people waiting to register.

I tried to sneak pictures of Gabriel, but they didn't usually turn out that great. (He's growing out his hair.)

The doors are open, here come the floods of women!

Hannah and Mom walk in front of me as we walk through town to get lunch, which ended up being Chipotle. 

Looking down at the registration area from the third floor of the convention center.

The Crossway exhibit in the exhibit hall. 

The Main hall full of women.

Hoards of women coming back after dinner break. 

One exhibit was for sharing the Gospel with henna.

There were a lot of these horses pulling carriages around the city.

On the last day, several of us volunteers were given the opportunity to go inside the Indianapolis indoor football stadium. We went through several dark or empty passageways from the convention center.
Inside the stadium.
Getting a group picture taken at the stadium.  

After we got back from the stadium, we were pretty tired, so we just sat (it didn't matter if it was a chair or the floor) and chatted (or listened to other people chat).

Austin ( the man in the green shirt) caught me taking this side view of Gabriel.
Yay! This one is rather good. 

Priscilla and Hannah left with Austin and another friend, Justus, shortly after the last two pictures were taken. Mom, Gabriel, and I sat and talked in a park then walked around town. 
Yes, messing with your flip-flop is a very serious business.

Another horse and carriage.

The center of the city.

I love these brick streets. 

We ended the tiring but memorable day by eating a late dinner at The Ram with fellow volunteers and TGC workers, new and old friends.
Enjoying a good dinner with friends is one of the many blessings God has given me. Count your blessings every day.

So that was my great experience as one of the green shirt people, and I hope to be able to do it again (although the T-shirt might not be green next time).

Good Sunday!

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Eskimo Blanket Toss

Anyone want to go flying into the air and have a bunch of fun? This is now officially on Bethany's, Lydia's, and my bucket list. By the way, you have to keep watching the whole thing because it is so funny.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016


Something that you may not know about me is that I really like bubbles. In fact, I have done another post with bubbles in it. Sometimes a bottle of the bubble liquid will be sitting on our counter, and I will take it out to the stoop and blow for a while. Not too long ago Priscilla had left some sitting out, and I enjoyed them for quite some time, ending up with some interesting pictures.

This is probably my favorite because the reflection of the clouds looks like billows of firey smoke.