A Little Picture

        Buna! I'm glad you took a look at my blog today. I thought I would give you "a little picture" of my life. 
        My name is Elisabeth. I have been redeemed by my awesome Saviour, Jesus Christ. He is such a good God and always with me: never has left me yet. I am 19, an awesome aunt (woops! I mean, an aunt to an awesome niece), and a bit of a crazy and grumpy person at times. I take three classes with a home school group. They are an advanced biblical worldview class, a sign language class, and a speech class. I enjoy giving speeches and teaching. I am the 7th child of two wonderful, Christian parents, and I live in the hills of rural North Carolina. I have 4 older brothers (one, Micah, died a little over 10 years ago because of leukemia shortly before his 16th Birthday) and 4 sisters.   
        I love the woods, the hills and creeks, the wild animals, the birds and squirrels, the deer, but more than all that, I love my God the great Creator of them all. I love to hike in all of His beauty. I love to be with the people He made. A "few" other things I like or enjoy are the following: poetry, cooking, real music, playing the piano, drawing, my family, friends, writing, taking pictures, etc. 
        I have a desire to be a missionary to Romania. I have been to the poor yet beautiful country of Haiti twice as a missionary. I have grown to love the people, the land, and the food. 
        This blog was originally going to be more for poetry, but I have a lot of photography and random other posts.
I hope you are encouraged, enjoy some laughs, and enjoy the beauty of God's creation through my blog.
God bless!
Me in God's awesome creation on Labor Day, 2016. 

My awesome family. 
Left to right:
Standing: Bethany (17), Dad (58), Mom (56), Priscilla (21), Jesse (29), Jesse's girlfriend Annaliese, Hannah (23)
Sitting: me (19), Gabriel (24), Lydia (11), Cindy and the awesome niece Johanna, and Josiah (28).

Do you think I have enough awesome in my life?

*Picture credits to my Dad.