Sunday, June 25, 2017

A Day at Home

I came home yesterday morning, and these pictures show a little of what my day was like.

I got plenty of this blondy. 

The above blondy made us some delicious caramel tea. 

I got the mail. 

I sat on our porch (not the RYE house porch). 

I was the messy-haired, tea-drinking, muscular cook (the bread is for my staff, the pizza for my family). 

I made pizza. 

I ate ice cream in a tea cup. 

See you!

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Camp (Yes, I'm Still Alive!)

I didn't die (well, not quite!). Since June 1st, I've been working at Camp Caraway. I and the rest of the summer staff have been getting a lot of training on things like counseling, children, disciplining, belaying for the rock wall, cleaning, zip-lining, etc. I have gotten to know over 20 people as if I've known them for years. I love them and I enjoy the work, even though some days are rough.

This is where I sleep. there is another bunk bed in the room and there is another room with more beds. There are seven girls. 

Counseling class 101 at the lake. 

Our first Sunday morning. I took this picture of the guys crossing the bridge over the lake. 

Maliboo, Coco, and Yogi (these are their nick names). 

A very full truck ride. 

The rock wall. 

Coco, and Flipper with our boss, Houndawg. 

Scooby, Zuko, Squints, Benji, and Doodlebob. Yes, we are all given nick names.

One night we went camping as staff, but it rained on the way up, so it was a struggle to get the fire going. Eventually they got it. 

One of the mice we've trapped in the girls' basement. 

The view of the Uwharrie Mountains. 

The girl staff: Me (Mico), Flipper, Scooby, Miny, Tweety, Maliboo, Coco, and Otter. This was right after we got our nick names. 

The men staff. 

There's a little idea of what my life has been like in the last two weeks plus. I will try to update when I can. I am home for the weekend. 

God bless!