Saturday, March 25, 2017

One Winter Afternoon

One day I took a walk...

And saw some beautiful green stuff (it looks like huge moss);

Pine needles glimmering green;

New leaves; 

A red-bud closeup;

A loaded red-bud;

A phlox flower;

A field near our house;

And finally, the road to our house.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

The End (Day 6)

On Monday, we went to see Josiah and Cindy at the house they stayed in, and we said bye to them. Then we went to see Gabriel and Emily at the really neat hotel that they stayed at during their honeymoon. Yes, we saw the just-married couple on their honeymoon! I know it sounds weird, but we all wanted to say goodbye. Then we dropped some stuff off at the church for Hannah and Priscilla. Finally, we got to the airport and flew away. The next day, I took several pictures of the spring weather.

A mini Tabasco bottle rides atop Mule. Mule is my skateboard, named that because it is as stubborn as a mule (its wheels don't move!).This was taken at the hotel. I don't have any other pictures about that day.

Our loaded red-bud tree.

The beautiful crab apple tree in bloom. The blossoms smell so tantalizing!

A white periwinkle. They are not as showy as the purple ones, but I like them because they are more rare.

Well, that was our trip, and I hope you have enjoyed getting a peak into what it was like. I can't wait till the next family adventure: Priscilla's wedding!

God bless!

Church, Food, and Wedding Dresses (Day 5 of MN Trip)

On Sunday, we went to Bethlehem Church and talked to people there. Then we went to eat at The Blue Door, which is restaurant with good burgers and other stuff. We met up with Jesse and his girlfriend, Annaliese, at Dogwood Coffee Co. We said goodbye to them because they left that afternoon. Then we went to Hudson, Wisconsin, to meet Priscilla's boyfriend Justus's parents at a Dunn Brother's Coffee. We ladies then went to look at dresses for Priscilla who is getting married.

Lydia in The Blue Door.

We looked around in a shop that adjoined the Dogwood Coffee shop.

Sitting with Justus's parents in the Dunn Bros.

Street view of Hudson.

Priscilla trying on dresses.

Priscilla and Mom doing a dance while Dad and Justus look on. 

Have a good one! 

Thursday, March 16, 2017

The Big Day (Day 4 of Our MN Trip)

Of course Saturday the 4th was the day we were all waiting for, the reason we all came together: the wedding.

I started off the day with a hot cup of tea and Living Among Lions by Jason and David Benham.

The three living brothers line up for a picture.

The wedding was held near the top of an old shipping center that has been remade into condominiums. The views of the city were quite beautiful. 

Brothers and Emily.

The view of Minneapolis from the party room where the reception was held.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the relaxed reception of coffee and cake.

Beautiful Mom.

The couple, Gabriel and Emily, come in.

Cupcakes, Lydia, and Johanna.




Gabriel with friends


It was a wonderful wedding and a wonderful day. I love my family and thank God for all if its members and the time we got to have all together. 

Monday, March 13, 2017

Rainy Day

A cold, rainy day. A cup of caramel tea and a muffin. A Bible, pen and notebook. A candle breathing out winter beauty. This is a splendid way to spend the afternoon. 

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Class (Day 3)

Early Friday morning, Hannah, and I walked over to the church. I went to the 8:30 freshmen class. They are studying the new Testament and the particular class was about the Kingdom of God. When the class split up for cohort groups, I went to Priscilla's sophomore cohort because the freshmen were doing a quiz that day. Later in the evening, we went to the rehearsal dinner for Gabriel's wedding.

The freshmen classroom without anyone in it but me. 

Looking out the classroom window. 

My niece Johanna.

Johanna and her Mom Cindy.

Johanna and Cindy playing the piano.

Sorry, I don't have any pictures of the rehearsal. Too bad. 

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Open book, Moving, and More (Day 2)

I stayed at Hannah's house in Minneapolis while Mom, Dad, and the other two girls stayed at a hotel. Thursday morning, Hannah and I walked in the bitter cold (I think it was 19) to Open Book, which is a neat coffee/study shop. Then, the others came and picked me up, and we helped Gabriel's then-fiance move his and her stuff to their new apartment. Later, we all ended up at the *Fulls' house for dinner. The Full family is a really nice family that Emily is really good friends with. They home school and have several children.

Hannah's living room.

At Open Book, I read, walked around, and wrote in my journal while Hannah (in the background) studied for her school.

Gabriel and Emily's new place. 

The outside view of their apartment.

Looking down the street from their home. 

We had some down time at the hotel, so I did some more writing, and...

Watched Lydia swim in the pool.

Dad, Mr. Full, and Gabriel at the Full's house. 

Lydia with the Fulls' adorable youngest. 

Hannah wrote this with blocks.

We enjoyed playing with blocks at the Fulls'.

*I changed the last name for the safety of the family.

Hope you don't get bored with pictures. There's still more to come!