Saturday, March 11, 2017

Open book, Moving, and More (Day 2)

I stayed at Hannah's house in Minneapolis while Mom, Dad, and the other two girls stayed at a hotel. Thursday morning, Hannah and I walked in the bitter cold (I think it was 19) to Open Book, which is a neat coffee/study shop. Then, the others came and picked me up, and we helped Gabriel's then-fiance move his and her stuff to their new apartment. Later, we all ended up at the *Fulls' house for dinner. The Full family is a really nice family that Emily is really good friends with. They home school and have several children.

Hannah's living room.

At Open Book, I read, walked around, and wrote in my journal while Hannah (in the background) studied for her school.

Gabriel and Emily's new place. 

The outside view of their apartment.

Looking down the street from their home. 

We had some down time at the hotel, so I did some more writing, and...

Watched Lydia swim in the pool.

Dad, Mr. Full, and Gabriel at the Full's house. 

Lydia with the Fulls' adorable youngest. 

Hannah wrote this with blocks.

We enjoyed playing with blocks at the Fulls'.

*I changed the last name for the safety of the family.

Hope you don't get bored with pictures. There's still more to come!

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