Thursday, March 16, 2017

The Big Day (Day 4 of Our MN Trip)

Of course Saturday the 4th was the day we were all waiting for, the reason we all came together: the wedding.

I started off the day with a hot cup of tea and Living Among Lions by Jason and David Benham.

The three living brothers line up for a picture.

The wedding was held near the top of an old shipping center that has been remade into condominiums. The views of the city were quite beautiful. 

Brothers and Emily.

The view of Minneapolis from the party room where the reception was held.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the relaxed reception of coffee and cake.

Beautiful Mom.

The couple, Gabriel and Emily, come in.

Cupcakes, Lydia, and Johanna.




Gabriel with friends


It was a wonderful wedding and a wonderful day. I love my family and thank God for all if its members and the time we got to have all together. 


  1. So sweet.Wonderful memories! I love all the profiles and there is Bethany behind Cindy!
    But you never got Hannah, Dad and Lydia.