Saturday, March 18, 2017

Church, Food, and Wedding Dresses (Day 5 of MN Trip)

On Sunday, we went to Bethlehem Church and talked to people there. Then we went to eat at The Blue Door, which is restaurant with good burgers and other stuff. We met up with Jesse and his girlfriend, Annaliese, at Dogwood Coffee Co. We said goodbye to them because they left that afternoon. Then we went to Hudson, Wisconsin, to meet Priscilla's boyfriend Justus's parents at a Dunn Brother's Coffee. We ladies then went to look at dresses for Priscilla who is getting married.

Lydia in The Blue Door.

We looked around in a shop that adjoined the Dogwood Coffee shop.

Sitting with Justus's parents in the Dunn Bros.

Street view of Hudson.

Priscilla trying on dresses.

Priscilla and Mom doing a dance while Dad and Justus look on. 

Have a good one! 

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