Saturday, February 6, 2016


A simple little puddle among the winter trees,
Simple blades of grass tickle and tease
The water in which they hang through breeze.

A simple little winter flower by the road,
Simple little blades of grass in their abode
Under their dusty roadside load.

A simple little winter truth,
Simple little children learn in youth
About the Baby born forsooth.

A simple, but so profound, news,
Simple prophets gave the clues
Of Jesus' death that God did not refuse.

So simple yet so surprising, so beautiful, so miraculous (God as man?), so wonderful.


Friday, February 5, 2016

I Miss...

I began writing this 2 days after the girls left after Christmas break. I still miss them, but life has gotten back into the flow of school and work.

I miss the girls coming in late at night.
I miss Hannah working on the puzzle in the dining room.
I miss Hannah's laugh and Priscilla's sarcasm.
I miss Hannah's morning egg.
I miss Hannah telling Lydia to "Stop messing with my stuff!"
I miss the times of us all being together.
I miss Priscilla playing with my hair.
I even miss the fights.
I miss you, girls.

Priscilla and Hannah