Monday, November 28, 2016

Turkey Tetrazzini, Bubbles, Barefoot Piano Player, Etc.

I've got a lot of random stuff to tell about, the fist being turkey tetrazzinni. Despite the fact that we only cooked a turkey breast this year, we still have leftovers, and I decided it would be a good use of them to make turkey tetrazzine. I made enough to freeze a pan. I love frozen meals.

Secondly, you may remember that I LOVE bubbles! I got to blowing them today, and liked this picture of the reflection of trees in the bubbles (I love reflections too).

On Saturday we went to a wedding and the piano player played barefoot! I was so excited, even at a formal setting, this amazing piano player, David McClintock, plays barefoot. I'm a barefoot girl. This isn't the best picture, but you can kind of see that he is barefoot.

 I took a walk today in the brisk, cool fallness. This is a fence I pass every time but thought I would take a picture of it finally.

The sky also grabbed my attention.

Well, I hope you have great month, enjoying at least one Christmas party. Don't forget to give thanks to our Lord Jesus Christ for coming to the earth as a baby, giving His live as the ultimate sacrifice, and rising again.

God bless you!

Monday, November 21, 2016

The Shore

Some of you may think that a month at the shore in spring would be paradise. Imagine walks on the beach every morning as you watch the sun rise; a swim in the rushing salty waves; a bike ride down old, sun-baked streets; ocean wind blowing your hair till it looks perfect; a darkening tan; aahh...what could be better? Well, I'm here to disappoint you. I was in this situation about a year and a half ago, and I'll tell you what I felt like.

I longed for green, bushy, deciduous trees; the cool gurgling waters of a little creek; cool shade from scorching heat; and quiet away from houses, house, and more houses. Sound a little depressing, and taking care of a beautiful, queenly 108 year-old was difficult as well. But...

If I left you at that, you would probably think at least two things: (1) I don't like the beach, and (2) I don't like taking care of old people. First of all, I like the beach, but the mountains are better. Second, I love my Great-grandmother and taking care of her proved to actually be a real blessing to me and my sister; however, there were times when I was so exhausted and just wanted to be free from that responsibility.

But there were some good things, and I learned lifelong lessons.

So in conclusion, The beach is not my favorite place to be for a very long time, but if I have to go, I'll take Long Beach Island, NJ any day. Actually I kinda miss those days.

And, as Hannah reminded us, don't forget to thank people in your life. Most of all, thank Jesus for His sacrifice on the cross and redemption through His blood(1 Peter 2 is a great chapter).

 Happy Thanksgiving!!

Monday, November 14, 2016

Of Shadows and Leaves

Fall produces some color and changing of the sun. I have a collection of pictures with either leaves of shadows or both. Hope you enjoy.

Well, have a good week and I hope you draw closer to God along with me. 


November's Walk

Happy Birthday to my would-be 109 year-old Great-grandma! She went to be with the Lord last year on December 31. We miss her, but we are glad she is in heaven.

So I went for a walk, not like that is unusual, but it was a beautiful day.
I started it off by breaking my sandal at the stupe of our house, but didn't change my foot-wear. It was a tedious walk but delightful regardless. My "yard" is large. You start at the side door of the house and head southish, then turn more east on the path and down the hill. Back behind our house in the woods you exit our property by way of a path that we made. Eventually you'll get to another dirt road, a lot like ours but MUCH longer. Continuing to the the beginning of this road you get t a "real" road and walk on it till you get to another road on your left and walk on it till you get to our dirt road. That's "the loop" for you.
My broken sandal. 

Fally colors. 

Couldn't resist a reflection picture. Did  I ever mention I like reflections...a lot!?

A neighbor's maple on the long dirt road. 

The intricacies in the pavement of an old road (this is the third road you get to).

My driveway! Ha! Just kidding, I just like it a lot. 

This neighbor on road three is burning a lot these days. 

Still on road three. The clouds were really pretty. It rained this morning but turned out gorgeously in the afternoon. 

Finally, our road and our creek. Yay! Reflections!

Whoa! I found this cool person leaning on the old speed limit sign. (By the way, who needs a speed limit sign on a dirt road?)

Our road. 

Our real driveway. 

Let me know if you see any splelling mistakes, I don't feel like reading over this whole thing all over again. 
God is good to us. He has made creation for His glory, and I think a good way to enjoy Him is to enjoy His creation. 

Good one to you!

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Autumn Days

In the past few weeks I have taken several pictures of the fall beauty that we are experiencing here in NC. Below are some of my favorite pictures of the season so far. I hope you enjoy.

This red-bud is basically bare now. 

October's blossoming rose. 

Acorns and moss.

Fall reflections.

I found out just how much I love to splash my feet in creek water.

Yes, that would be candy-canes in October from LAST Christmas (oh, and, of course, the cute Lydia that holds them). Candy-canes don't go by as fast as they once did in our house. 

Persimmons are synonymous with the south.

My favorite dog, Bruce on the Loose. 

A daisy with a little fly on it. Can you see the fly?

More rose. 

A beautiful black tupelo: it is so pretty every year. 

Our road. 

I love this picture of a rose in an old glass bottle on our front porch. 

I hope you have been able to enjoy God's glory this fall as well. 

Why the Name

Good evening, folks. I have a new tab at the top that tells how I came up with my blog title. If you're interested, take a look.