Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The Master Summoned the Princess Home

        Today the great King of all the earth summoned my Great-grandma home to be with Him. She was a bright beautiful woman who I will miss a lot, but I can also rejoice that she is no longer weak and frail: she is singing the praises of her king.
        Great-grandma was a very petite woman with leathery brown speckled skin, a silvery laugh, and a shining smile. Sometimes she made the funniest remarks and she could be so sarcastic. This past spring I had the opportunity to take care of her along with my sister, Hannah. She liked the way we cared for her so much that she told my grandma, "They treat me like a queen!" We had to give a drink to help with her potassium level. She really detested that stuff so when I would give it to her she would say such funny things. One time she sarcastically said "Oh, glory!" I could hardly keep from laughing. While still in New Jersey taking care of her, we taught Great-grandma how to play scat (a card game). That became one of her favorite things to do. Other times, she would just sit in her rocker and look out the window to the ocean, read a book,  or take a doze. I am so glad for that month I got with her. I will keep many good memories of that special time. 
        Here are some pictures of the "Queen."

Great-grandma and Hannah playing Scrabble.

Great-grandma and Grandma.

Playing scat.

The Princess for sure. Great-grandma picking a card with her gnarled fingers and painted finger-nails. She liked to be prim and proper. One time, she came out of the bathroom and after seeing her messy hair she said, "I look like a crazy woman!"

Enjoying some sun and fresh air.

She loved ice cream.

I love you, Great-grandma, and I can't wait to see you again, but for now I will thank God for the special person I knew you to be here on the earth.



  1. So beautiful Elisabeth. You have some wonderful memories and great pictures. I will miss Grandma so much. She was royalty!She is a daughter of the King of Kings and with live forever with Him.

    1. It is good to remember that, Mom, we will see her again because she is alive in Christ.