Saturday, December 12, 2015


There comes a time when a post of many random things is called for. I hope you enjoy this group of pictures and descriptions.
A return address like this would only come from my clever uncle.

What could be better than eating Thanksgiving dinner with chopsticks?

Bethany poses for a "band" picture or something cool on this old truck at our friend's house.

The scene of the crime. This is what happens when you are tired of doing your vocabulary.

Who knew cleaning the bathroom could be so much fun?

Little delights in teacups and December roses.

December sunset from our mountain.

Hazy morning sunrise.

Thanks to our local church, I enjoyed twirling up this thin piece of wire.  

Lydia in front of the decorated Christmas tree.

A little house in the woods.

"Guess what? You have a nice day."
                    ~Street Man 



  1. Lovely pictures...I realy like the ones of the water droplets and the rose in the tea cup. =)

  2. Haha! I really had a good picture in my head thinking about you tipping your chair over and throwing your vocabulary book on the floor so I literally laughed out loud, but my laugh was kind of funny because my voice is still not very good from being sick. ;)

    1. Haha! That gave me a funny thought of your cold voice. I guess that's not very nice, but you gave the thought.

    2. Did you get a thought of a "Tim" voice? ;)

    3. Ha ha! Yes! First thing that came to my mind!

    4. Lol. I know! I think about it every time I get sick and I try to tell people, but its just not as funny for them because they don't know him. ;)

  3. I love the little house in the woods and I think you need to take a picture of the other little houses and the high rise building too.

    1. I did take pictures, but I just didn't put them on the blog.