Thursday, December 17, 2015

Ten Years Ago

         December is full of wonderful memories for me. Birthdays, parties, and Christmas just to name a few. However, I am always reminded of my older brother, Micah. He was a handsome 15 year-old last time I saw him, but now he's more beautiful than I can imagine. Ten years ago today, Micah finally went home to rest in the arms of his heavenly Father. No more painful leukemia to endure, no more hospital visits, no more sickness. He is alive and well, singing the praises of our risen Lord (with his guitar, I'm sure).
        Thank You, Lord Jesus for the wonderful gift you gave us through Your coming to the earth, dying for our transgressions, and rising from the dead. Thank You for the many gifts You have given me, so many undeserved gifts. Right now, I especially thank You for Micah, and that You summoned him home.
        I love you, Micah
I think this picture was taken exactly 2 months before the last time I saw Micah alive.
It was taken at Pilot Mountain in North Carolina.


  1. I Love the picture but I didn't Read the post!!!! Can you guess who this is?!

  2. Beautiful memory. I love this picture and this memorable trip.

    1. I wanted to do something different and I really like this one too.