Saturday, December 26, 2015

The Day After Christmas

Today I went for a walk in the 70-something degree weather. Here are some pictures I took. I hope you had a great Christmas.

This cute little snail was enjoying the moist moss in Micah's garden.

Looking down a rocky "cliff" (only about 6 feet high).

Some very interesting moss on the side of the "cliff."

Looking up the cliff.

The roots of this neat maple tree grow over the rocks.

Looking up a tall hickory tree.

This little stump was covered in fresh moss.

A little bit of lichen pokes through a "field" of moss.

The pine forest floor.


I love this lichen, especially after rain when it is so pluffy and pale green.

This old stump, sprinkled with moss and lichen, looks like timber wood.

More of the "timber wood" stump.

When we see God's beautiful creation, we see a little glimpse of His awesome majesty. He should receive the praise, but so often, the creature is worshiped rather than the Creator.


  1. I love the favorite ones are the close-ups! =)

  2. Wow! I think you have some winning pictures here!

  3. Thanks to both Mom and Maggie.

  4. The ones of the stump are really cool! Especially the first one of those.