Thursday, December 29, 2016


December has been a good month full of good and bad things (you can't forget that life isn't all bubbles!). The following is a little about this past month from my perspective. Have fun.
The crisp blue skies of December.

We celebrated Bethany's Birthday in December with a delicious Oreo cake. 
Photo credit to Lydia. 

I made a cool card for my brother Gabriel. 

Can you guess how old he is?

This is the kind of gift you get from your worldview teacher. 

More cards. 

I got in to "beadling." It is a mix between needle-point and beading. 

I beadled a bracelet for a Haitian friend. 

The twelve year-old Birthday girl making her cake in her sleeper

Lydia's Birthday card request: A cantaloupe racing down Happiness Road with a candy-cane at the end. 

We went ice-skating for Lydia's Birthday. I love to ice-skate except for the skates that kill my bunionized feet, and then Mom fell and hurt her head badly.

Christmas morning is better with pasca. 

A still-life picture with a picture of my niece, Johanna. 

My family eating Christmas dinner. 

Gabriel's hat. 

This is not a movie I would recommend. 

During and after Christmas, it is a great thing to keep in  mind how good God has been to us. He came to the earth as a man, our Saviour and Redeemer. We are most undeserving, but He is most gracious. I hope that you will have splendid new year and great growth in the Lord.