Friday, October 7, 2016

God's Gracious Gift

Karise. A beautiful young lady in her early 30s when God took her to His eternal, heavenly kingdom. A bright smiler almost all the time. A persevering woman who continued to write faithfully to her pen-pals even in severe sickness and weakness. She was my pen-pal, she was my friend.
Meet Karise Gina. 
Karise (on the right in the blue) with her family several years ago.

I met her when I was very young, but was never very close to her. I knew she had some kind of sickness but didn't really know what. In early 2011 I heard that she was going through a particularly hard time so I sent her a letter. That was the beginning of about 4 years of writing back and forth. 
I learned a lot about type 1 diabetes during those years. You see, when Karise was younger (I believe at age 11), she was diagnosed with the disease and as she got older, she got sicker. 

Karise was one of my most faithful pen-pals, and I loved to get her letters in the mail.  Through writing to her, I learned much about Karise. She loved to dance, although, she had become so weak from her sickness that she couldn't dance as she got sicker. She also loved the color green, the mountains, the beach, butterflies, and cooking. 

Last year on this day, October 7th, Jesus took Karise home to be with Him. This day is also my half Birthday. I like to think that God did that for me. I was sad and still am because I miss my friend, but I am glad that I will see her again. I am mostly glad for her because she is well along with her grandmother, Princess Ruby, and my brother, Micah, and so many more. 
Karise and Princess Ruby, another good friend of mine. 

I am so thankful that I knew Karise. I will never forget my dear friend.



  1. Beautiful description of a beautiful girl. It makes me miss her.

    1. Yes, I was thinking about her today because it is her Birthday.