Saturday, October 1, 2016

"Official" Senior Portraits

Who needs "senior portraits"? It is such a vein thing to do, anyway. It's all about ME! Me, me, me! Well, I'm afraid that, even with my convictions on the matter,  I have also fallen prey to this self-centered practice. However, senior portraits are unique in our family. .  .
Our family doesn't normally hire a photographer for senior portraits, and we are home schooled, so when you put the two together, you do "senior portraits" a little differently than most people. (This is more true for us girls.) You see, once we start getting to the age of graduating, we start thinking about those pictures, and just about any time Dad has his camera, we'll say things like, "Oh, this would be a great place for senior pictures!" Therefore, we end up with, not one senior photo shoot, but several!
Below are a few of my random senior pictures from various places and times.

Dad took this one at the Lower Cascades at Hanging Rock an NC. 

When we were in CA in March this year, there were great opportunities for senior pictures. I believe Lydia, my 11 year-old sister, took this. 

This wasn't exactly a senior picture, but every year on my Birthday since I was probably 13, I have my picture taken at this azalea bush. Lydia took this one this year. 

I know there have been other ones, but I cannot find them on this computer. Anyway, you get the point, senior pictures might be in the process for a year or so before the actual graduation. I finally did graduate, and when we went to the mountains on Labor Day, Dad took what I would say were my official senior pictures. Below is a sample of my Dad's photography skills. 

A little messy...

Of course the location does a lot to make the picture good, and I can tell you, South Mountain was beautiful!

Maybe my favorite!

The eye-catcher might be the creek in this one, not me!

Well, there was a lot of me in this post. I will have to do posts without me at all for a while to get the taste out of your mouth!
However, I will say that when you go to the mountains, you really feel close to God and have opportune time to give glory to Him for His amazing beauty that shouts out in creation. 

Have a good Sunday!


  1. I am so thankful for you and seeing these beautiful pictures of you!Being a senior is a good excuse to take some nice portraits!

  2. Thank you, Mom! Of course all the credit goes to God, but you were the main reason for keeping me in school (besides God, of course).