Monday, October 31, 2016

California Continued

I got through day 3, so I'll begin with day 4.

Day 4. In the early morning, Gabriel, Hannah, and Priscilla left for Minnesota. The rest of us had breakfast at our hotel and Josiah came to eat with us. He stayed and we talked for a while. We didn't do much that day. We went to the airport to get a new vehicle (a Kia), walked by a creek, and went to Gyro Town with Josiah and Johanna (Cindy wasn't feeling well).
We saw a rainbow on the way the the airport.

Eucalyptus trees on the creek pathway. 

There were a lot of egrets at the creek.

Gyro (pronounced yir' oh)Town was amazing. 

The fries were great. 

Johanna looks blankly from her car seat. 

Day 5. On Monday we went to Lobos Point with Jesse and his girlfriend, Annaliese. We did a lot of walking around the point and watching the huge waves and wave splashes. We finished the day with Taqueria Los Gallos for some Mexican delicious. Jesse ordered a burrito. He didn't know how huge it would be: probably 10" long and 4" thick! It was a real log! Sadly, I didn't get a picture to prove it.
A wave crashes against the rocks. This picture might be from Dad.
Have you ever seen the inside of a kelp stem? We saw a ton (probably literally tons) of the stuff. 
This is Bethany doing a pretty cool jump in my opinion. My jumps are anything but epic!

This is the old whalers's cabin. That tree on the corner was huge: it even grew into the cabin!
This picture doesn't show just how big that splash was, but Lydia is running away, so that might be a clue. 

I'll end the day with this picture that Dad took of Annaliese and Jesse. 

God's beautiful creation and majesty were certainly obvious wherever we were in California. It really is a beautiful state.