Dad's Pictures

My dad enjoys taking pictures, from Birthday celebrations to walking down the road, you will see him with his camera. I thought I would start a page just with pictures that he has taken (or at least his camera). I will try to add to this "photo gallery" every now and then. Enjoy!

I really love this picture of two friends, Joylyn and Bekka, with Lydia taken about two years ago.

Dad took this picture of Lydia and I about two years ago in Winston-Salem, NC.

Priscilla's graduation pictures from last spring.

Lydia got her picture taken as well.

Josiah's handsome groomsmen, my two brothers, Jesse and Gabriel, and our friend, David.

Picture Update (6-28-2016) 

Dad took this picture of our feet in the Pacific Ocean while we were in California in 2014. 

Lydia running away from Mom spanking her last winter.

Priscilla, me, Hannah, Lydia, Mom, and Bethany being crazy in front of our hill last winter. I think that's what we do best!

I don't know where this was taken, but I thought it was really pretty.

Bethany and Jesse jumping off the dunes of Jockey's Ridge, NC in May of 2015.

Priscilla, me, Lydia, and Bethany posing for a "band picture" on Jockey's Ridge.

Cindy and Josiah at the Lower Cascades of Hanging Rock, NC in May of 2015.

Picture Update 7-12-2016

Hannah and Lydia, Christmas 2015.

Another sunset (or rise).

Walking on the road.

Priscilla, Hannah, Lydia, December 2015.

Elisabeth, Bethany, Lydia, Mom, and Priscilla in California, 2014.

Bethany in California in 2014.

Priscilla in the airport.

Chasing the birds.


The kiss.

Picture Update 7-14-2016

Lydia on Jockey's Ridge, 2015.

Elisabeth at the Outer Banks.

The day before Gabriel left for college in 2010. Hannah, me, Lydia, Bethany, Gabriel, Mom, and Priscilla.

Lydia and Gabriel.

Sis trying to kiss brother.

Bethany at the Croix River, 2015.

Picture Update 7-30-2016
At Hanging Rock

Justus and Priscilla

Elisabeth and Lydia looking for stone to skip in the pool of the Lower Cascades at Hanging Rock.

A family portrait while standing in the waterfall. Did I ever mention that our family pictures are not always especially safe?

Lydia, the mountain girl. 

Picture Update: 11-6-2016
From our trip to California in October of 2016

Lydia at the airport.

Niece Johanna and Gabriel. 

Mom, Lydia, me, Gabriel, Bethany, Hannah, and Priscilla at Yosemite National Park.

Priscilla and Lydia at Yosemite.

Annaliese, Jesse, Lydia, me, Mom, and Bethany at Lobos Point. 

The foamy white of the Pacific coast. 


Me, Cindy, Lydia, and Bethany at Golden Gate Park. 

Picture Update:  March 16, 2017

Mom, Elisabeth, Bethany, and Lydia, Thanksgiving, 2016

A big jump, November, 2016

Beautiful Lydia, November 2016

Contemplative Lydia

A cool shot of arches at the Duke Chapel.

I love this picture of Mom so much, I had to blow it up.

Priscilla and the duck, January, 2017

We all quite enjoyed the ducks at Duke Gardens, January, 2017.

The smiling Dr. Piper.

Lydia in her old-fashioned dress.

Emily and Gabriel after getting engaged, January 2017 

I'll end today's update with this silhouette of Emily and Gabriel. 

Picture Update: December 8th, 2017
Gabriel and Emily before Priscilla's wedding in August, 2017.

Lydia, Bethany, Me, and Hannah at Priscilla's wedding in August, 2017.

An old family picture from 2010. We're all showing off our shoes, our dirty shoes. 

Mom and I with one of my college friends, Katia, and her family. 

Tyler, Hannah, Lydia, Bethany, and me. 

Bethany, Lydia, and Mom after taking me to college, August, 2017

Four of us girls with Mom and Tyler. 

My niece, Johanna, November, 2017.