Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Autumn Days

In the past few weeks I have taken several pictures of the fall beauty that we are experiencing here in NC. Below are some of my favorite pictures of the season so far. I hope you enjoy.

This red-bud is basically bare now. 

October's blossoming rose. 

Acorns and moss.

Fall reflections.

I found out just how much I love to splash my feet in creek water.

Yes, that would be candy-canes in October from LAST Christmas (oh, and, of course, the cute Lydia that holds them). Candy-canes don't go by as fast as they once did in our house. 

Persimmons are synonymous with the south.

My favorite dog, Bruce on the Loose. 

A daisy with a little fly on it. Can you see the fly?

More rose. 

A beautiful black tupelo: it is so pretty every year. 

Our road. 

I love this picture of a rose in an old glass bottle on our front porch. 

I hope you have been able to enjoy God's glory this fall as well. 


  1. Yep, Bruce is the best! The last rose picture is really cool. I bet you could win a contest for that. ;) I always like the road pictures and I really like the persimmon also.

    1. Thanks. I really like the persimmon one too.

  2. The picture of your road is stunning. Great job!

    1. Oh, thanks, Maggie. I like it a lot too.

  3. I look SO weird in that picture of me holding those candy-canes. Yes, I can see the fly on the flower. BTW, Bruce is a great dog.