Monday, November 28, 2016

Turkey Tetrazzini, Bubbles, Barefoot Piano Player, Etc.

I've got a lot of random stuff to tell about, the fist being turkey tetrazzinni. Despite the fact that we only cooked a turkey breast this year, we still have leftovers, and I decided it would be a good use of them to make turkey tetrazzine. I made enough to freeze a pan. I love frozen meals.

Secondly, you may remember that I LOVE bubbles! I got to blowing them today, and liked this picture of the reflection of trees in the bubbles (I love reflections too).

On Saturday we went to a wedding and the piano player played barefoot! I was so excited, even at a formal setting, this amazing piano player, David McClintock, plays barefoot. I'm a barefoot girl. This isn't the best picture, but you can kind of see that he is barefoot.

 I took a walk today in the brisk, cool fallness. This is a fence I pass every time but thought I would take a picture of it finally.

The sky also grabbed my attention.

Well, I hope you have great month, enjoying at least one Christmas party. Don't forget to give thanks to our Lord Jesus Christ for coming to the earth as a baby, giving His live as the ultimate sacrifice, and rising again.

God bless you!

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  1. Yep! Going barefoot is the best!