Monday, November 14, 2016

November's Walk

Happy Birthday to my would-be 109 year-old Great-grandma! She went to be with the Lord last year on December 31. We miss her, but we are glad she is in heaven.

So I went for a walk, not like that is unusual, but it was a beautiful day.
I started it off by breaking my sandal at the stupe of our house, but didn't change my foot-wear. It was a tedious walk but delightful regardless. My "yard" is large. You start at the side door of the house and head southish, then turn more east on the path and down the hill. Back behind our house in the woods you exit our property by way of a path that we made. Eventually you'll get to another dirt road, a lot like ours but MUCH longer. Continuing to the the beginning of this road you get t a "real" road and walk on it till you get to another road on your left and walk on it till you get to our dirt road. That's "the loop" for you.
My broken sandal. 

Fally colors. 

Couldn't resist a reflection picture. Did  I ever mention I like reflections...a lot!?

A neighbor's maple on the long dirt road. 

The intricacies in the pavement of an old road (this is the third road you get to).

My driveway! Ha! Just kidding, I just like it a lot. 

This neighbor on road three is burning a lot these days. 

Still on road three. The clouds were really pretty. It rained this morning but turned out gorgeously in the afternoon. 

Finally, our road and our creek. Yay! Reflections!

Whoa! I found this cool person leaning on the old speed limit sign. (By the way, who needs a speed limit sign on a dirt road?)

Our road. 

Our real driveway. 

Let me know if you see any splelling mistakes, I don't feel like reading over this whole thing all over again. 
God is good to us. He has made creation for His glory, and I think a good way to enjoy Him is to enjoy His creation. 

Good one to you!


  1. Wow, who is that person you saw? Scary! You better be careful. I really like the picture of Miss Young's house. Now I'll list your spelling mistakes. ;) *spelling*, *rained*

    1. Who knows who the person was? Thanks for the spelling corrections. By the way, I purposely left the "splelling," but I missed "raining."

    2. Acey Mac. It's a kind of apple and that is what Bethany calls herself.

  2. Especially of the speed limit is 0! ;)

  3. Stupe....uness you meant stupe which is two or more layers of flannel or other cloth soaked in hot water and applied to the skin as a counterirritant..
    Of course I didn't see any splelling mistakes.
    That looks like a fun loop!

    1. Ummm...I guess I meant "stoop." And I actually purposely left the "splelling."