Saturday, March 11, 2017

It is Still Winter (Day 1)

Last week, we went to Minnesota for my brother Gabriel's wedding. The morning we left, the temperature was 65 degrees at our house. Soon after we got to MN, snow started to fall. We had been having such warm weather in NC, we were reminded that, yes, it is still winter.

An airplane view of the snowy, northern countryside.

Already-fallen snow in the parking lot of Bethlehem Baptist Church (BBC).

Dad in his big coat that he borrowed form Gabriel. He forgot his everyday coat!

Priscilla works at this Dunn Brothers Coffee in the hospital.

Lydia shivers in the snow. We got out of our warm rental van and helped Hannah look for a dog she lost! Woops! Thankfully, the police found the dog later.

More to come!

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