Saturday, March 18, 2017

The End (Day 6)

On Monday, we went to see Josiah and Cindy at the house they stayed in, and we said bye to them. Then we went to see Gabriel and Emily at the really neat hotel that they stayed at during their honeymoon. Yes, we saw the just-married couple on their honeymoon! I know it sounds weird, but we all wanted to say goodbye. Then we dropped some stuff off at the church for Hannah and Priscilla. Finally, we got to the airport and flew away. The next day, I took several pictures of the spring weather.

A mini Tabasco bottle rides atop Mule. Mule is my skateboard, named that because it is as stubborn as a mule (its wheels don't move!).This was taken at the hotel. I don't have any other pictures about that day.

Our loaded red-bud tree.

The beautiful crab apple tree in bloom. The blossoms smell so tantalizing!

A white periwinkle. They are not as showy as the purple ones, but I like them because they are more rare.

Well, that was our trip, and I hope you have enjoyed getting a peak into what it was like. I can't wait till the next family adventure: Priscilla's wedding!

God bless!

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