Friday, February 24, 2017

Cherokee Cove Nine and Half Years Ago

As you may know from a post I did last summer, we like to go to Cherokee Cove when we get the chance. I thought it would be fun to show some pictures from our first visit in July of 2007. Weren't we cute!?

On the way to the camp, we stopped at a waterfall. From left to right: Bethany (8), Mom, Gabriel (15), me (10), Lydia (2), Hannah (13), Josiah (19), and Priscilla (12). It's crazy to think that Lydia is now the age Priscilla was in this picture. 

The first "cabin" we stayed in. 

Eating dinner. 

Cute Lydia the next morning. 

Can I also say "cute Gabriel"?

Gabriel showing his wood-chopping abilities. 

Hannah getting a good laugh. 

Hannah, Priscilla, Bethany, me, and our friend, Rachel. 

Dad enjoying some sassafras. 

Bethany and Mom with some of the camp owners, Libby, Samantha, and John. 

The owners, Stuart and Samantha. 

Well, I hope you enjoyed some memories of my own. 
Good day!

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