Saturday, July 9, 2016

Cherokee Cove (But Sometimes the Power Goes Out)

That title may sound very confusing and grammatically incorrect. Technically it is grammatically incorrect because the "but" has nothing to compare with- except, unless, you know what is meant by the first part. Let me clarify: Cherokee Cove is a Christian camp just inside Tennessee. We have been going there since July, 2007, and we really enjoy being volunteers there. Yesterday we went to the Home School Family Retreat as the "host family." Shortly before dinner, a huge gust of wind came roaring in and the power went out. So the title basically means, "Cherokee Cove is a great place to go, but it can be a bit less enjoyable when the power goes out." There was no running water, no flushing toilets (except the first two times), no light (but some candles and flashlights), no electricity. This morning the power was still out and we all had to leave early. However, this post is not to complain, but tell of our adventurous past two days. Here are some pictures to document.

Mom and Dad in our room.

One of the many very steep roads at the camp (this picture is not a good representation of the steepness).

One of the beautiful views.

Conversatin' on the front porch.

Then... the wind came.

Working in the dark kitchen.

Dad, Lydia, and Mom eating in the light of Dad's very bright head flashlight.

Candle-lit worship time.

Yesterday did end with a beautiful sunset.

Lydia and Dad this morning. (You may notice the jackets in July! After the storm, the temperature dropped a lot.)

Saying goodbye. (The man on the right is Mr. Stephens, the co-owner of the camp.)

The view on the road leaving the camp.

Have a great Sunday!