Tuesday, July 5, 2016

A Walk in the Moonlight

Went for a walk in the moonlight tonight,
The moon wasn't full, but ever so bright.
It shed its light on woodsy trees around,
And it spilled its white on the wint'ry ground.

A pure cold-blue, pearly shimmering jewel,
I watched it in the nightly, silent cool,
As the stars about it twinkled and gleamed;
But the moon was still brighter as it beamed.

As I looked at that shining, snowy sphere,
A picture came quickly to me so clear,
How Jesus' blood washed me white from my sin
(All that dirty grime without and within).

The Father's wrath poured out on His own Son,
Jesus bore it till all was fin'lly done.
Then rising from the grave on Sunday morn,
Killing death, and the temple curtain torn.

He cleansed me whiter than the moon above
With His ever redder blood full of love.
Surrender your life while there is still light,
Or else you will die and never be white.

The moon may shine bright for you now, my friend,
But hell is forever, never to end.
Jesus is forever, clothed in His might,
His blood can wash you cleaner than moon white.

                                                   ~Elisabeth Leake


  1. Did you take that picture? That is an awesome picture! Oh, and an awesome poem, as well! ;)

    1. Thanks! Yes, I did take the picture. I thought it was pretty awesome as well.