Saturday, July 2, 2016

Burlington Revival

In May of this year, a church in Burlington, North Carolina began revival meetings. So many people came that they eventually moved to a large tent. Mom had been wanting to go because it is such a neat thing God is doing in our state and around the country. Last night we finally went, and it really was amazing to see so many people (over 4,000) coming together to hear the Gospel. The Gospel was indeed preached, and several people professed to have put their faith in Christ last night. 

The seats filled up quickly, and we were outside the tent.


Looking into the tent.


The sun and clouds were really pretty.

This woman was enthusiastically praising God.

The sign.

I hope you have a great weekend and Independence Day. Remember God's goodness to this country, and yet how much we have strayed from Him. He is a gracious and just God.



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    1. Yes, it really is neat. I think they are continuing meetings through this week.