Monday, April 24, 2017

"I Don't Want to Leave!" (Day 6)

I got up early Sunday morning, and stepped out into the cool morning air. There were clouds in the sky and the temperature never got very hot. We had breakfast of noodles, veggies, and baguette. Apparently, noodles are quite popular for breakfast in Haiti.

Sunday school began, but not everyone joined in. I, personally, sat a little while with the children's Sunday school, then sketched the beautiful mountain view across from the church. Of course, my sketch was nothing compared to the real picture. Anyway, church eventually began and Magdalin's husband, Bobby, spoke about persistent prayer. Like usual, there was a lot of singing, some introductions, and talking that I didn't understand. Thankfully, however, I did understand the message because Bobby is American and speaks English.

After church, we went to the kitchen for lunch, a feast of beet salad, smashed plantains, potato salad, pikliz ( spicy Cole slaw), cucumbers, chicken legs (many of us who have been to Haiti often wonder what happens to the rest of the chicken), beans and rice, accra, lettuce, and tomato. Everything was delicious except for the plantains and the beet salad, both of which I have decided I do not like.

After the meal, while the others sat around and talked, I went for a walk around the church, looking for children to talk to. I was sad about leaving, so I wanted to spend as much time with the people as possible. Finally, a girl in the shadow of the trees by the kitchen, beckoned me to come. I went to her and enjoyed the laughter and Creole of several children gathered there. The Haitians are affectionate and sweet much of the time. When I left that area, three little girls told me "Chita! Chita!" which is Creole for sit. I sat down and they quickly went to braiding my hair.

Meanwhile, our driver was there and had packed our luggage into the van. We had to leave, but I didn't want to leave. I told the girls playing with my hair, "I don't want to leave!" Then I did a pouty face, and they started giggling, which, of course, made me laugh as well. Finally, I hugged them goodbye and got into the van.

On the way home, rain started to come pouring down. When we got to the city, we were practically driving through rivers of torrential down pour. I have never seen rain like that before anywhere, definitely not in Haiti! Thankfully, we made it home safely home and had a simple sandwich dinner.

Well, it sure was hard to leave Valley of Hope, but the trip wasn't quite over yet.

I didn't take a lot of pictures on Sunday, but I like this picture of the reflection of a palm tree in the rain water on a chair. 

Lunch feast. 

Down pour. 

Look at that spray! Of course, my pictures are terrible, but they give you a little glimpse of the crazy rain we had. 

Be ready for beach day! 

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