Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Wahoo Bay (Day 7)

On Monday morning we got up and had breakfast, then our driver, Pastor Maxeau's nephew, Jameson, arrived. Soon we were on our way to the beach. The drive was a bit lengthy, especially when we got to a market place where the streets were crowded with people, and the traffic came to a standstill. However, this gave pedestrians the opportunity to view my braces through the van window. After that slow down, we were stopped again, this time by an officer. Apparently, we didn't have the right sticker on the van, so we had to pay a fine. Finally, we were on our way again, and, after a pit stop at a gas station, we arrived at Wahoo Bay Beach Club and Resort.

After checking in, we walked down one terrace to the beautiful pool, and then down another terrace to the beach. The water is very clear, blue, and warm. I have never experienced such a tropical-like beach in person. After swimming for some time, I got out and sunned a bit, then we went back to the pool. Shortly, we went up further up to the cool, refreshing restaurant. Everyone ordered a more traditional Haitian meal, except for me. I do like trying new foods, and I love Haitian food, but I didn't want much so I opted for a grilled cheese. Kendal and Erica picked on me about that food choice, but I didn't mind because it was so good.

With our bellies full, we went back to the pool or beach. I, for one, enjoyed the beach. I definitely got my exercise and felt a little sunburned. As much as I enjoyed the beautiful beach, it is definitely not something I expect when I go to Haiti. We go to serve, not be served, but as Barbara said, God made the beach for our enjoyment and it brings Him glory when we do enjoy it.

We left and headed for home. The traffic was not as bad, and there was a time when Jameson was driving about 80 mph! That is unusual for Haiti where the roads are often very bumpy, but sometimes there are long stretches of well-paved roads so you can really fly if there isn't much traffic. Besides, there are no speed limits.

We got home alive, and had dinner. Then we walked down the street to the Hug Girl's house. They were being bashful so we enjoyed time up on the roof. Thankfully, Yoline was there and she was more talkative and sociable.

We ended the day on the roof balcony of the guest house, enjoying our last night together because Barbara stayed in Haiti.

The beautiful sunrise. 

All the activity on the way to the beach. 

Banana market. 

The pool, palm trees, and mountains made a glorious picture. 

The terraces leading down to the beach. 

The little shelters by the shore. 

The blue water. 

Out in the water. 

Looking back to land where the terraces rise up the hill. 

White boulders, blue water, fluffy clouds, and gray mountains. 

Jameson, Yoline, and Nehemie enjoying the pool. 

Beth, Jameson, Yoline, and the resort owner, Ginette (yes, she has the same name as our interpreter) at the lunch table. 

My "very" Haitian food, grilled cheese!

Looking down the street on our walk to the girl's house. 

Bethany's pen-pal, Dorice, and I. 

My pen-pal, Claudette, and I. 

So ended my last full day in the land that I love.
But don't leave now, I've still got day 8 to report on!


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