Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Orevwa! (Day 8)

Tuesday came way too fast. We took it easy, and after breakfast, we walked down to a shop where an American girl, Jessica, is teaching Haitian girls how to make and sell things. After getting a tour of the place, we walked over to Papillon Marketplace and bought some stuff. Then we went upstairs to their cafe, which is beautiful. It was such a nice, cool place to relax and enjoy the morning. We ordered smoothies and talked with Jessica who had also come over to enjoy the cafe.

After walking back to our house, we had a quick lunch of sandwiches and then packed up and said goodbye to Barbara. Pastor Maxeau and Jameson brought us to the airport, and we began the long, tedious process of going through everything there.

After getting in the plane, we headed to Atlanta. After staying there for a while, we were on our way to Raleigh. Mom and Dad came to pick me up, and I didn't get to bed till about one Wednesday morning. I was home, but away.

The trip was over, but I wonder if it is only the beginning of a much longer trip...

Morning prayers on the hill. 


Walking along the mostly unpaved roads. 

Girls who work at Sa Voix, Jessica's shop. 

The leather room at Sa Voix.

At Papillon Enterprise.

The cafe. 

More of the cafe. 

Looking down to the street below. 

I ordered a strawberry banana smoothie, but as I tasted mine, I though it tasted more like mango. As it turned out, Ginette got mine and I got hers. Once we realized, we traded, and the strawberry one was SOOO much better. I am NOT a mango fan!


The clouds from the airplane. 

Here is a link to a video about Sa Voix. 

Thanks for coming along on this ride through Haiti. I plan to post a summary of the trip, but first, I need to go to bed. 

Bon nwi!

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