Friday, April 14, 2017

Sick (Day 2)

On Wednesday, I did not feel well, possibly due to the high dose of antibiotic that I got at the urgent care. Anyway I did get to go with rest of the team up the Cha Cha Mountain. I was left mainly alone, but the hostess, Phyllis, was very caring for me. She saved some oatmeal for me which I nibbled at throughout the day, she sat out on the balcony with me and we listened to a message by Dr. David Jeremiah, she made sure I had everything I needed and tried to help me feel better. I was able to help with hanging laundry to dry and fold sheets. The Haitian cooks at the house gave me a whole straight citron (which is like a lime) because it is supposed to help with stomach issues. So, although I was sick and missing out, I was also blessed in a unique way that day.
The rest of the team leaving for Cha Cha. 

My bowl of oatmeal that took me most of the day to get through. 

Good day!

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