Thursday, January 19, 2017

Loving Life

Sometimes I become discontent with how my life is. Sometimes I complain for lack of excitement or direction. Sometimes I complain because things aren't going my way. But right now (as I write this because things can change fast!) I am loving life. I'm loving being single, I'm loving being at home, I'm loving my neighbors, I'm loving my family, I'm loving where I am. I wish for more adventure, for more fun, for change; however, it appears that God has me right here, right now, and "I'm lovin' it." Sure, life is far from perfect, I am far from perfect, but why complain? Why not just relax a minute and enjoy life where you are?

Jump and give a howler!


  1. And lovin' McDonald's?

  2. This is so good Elisabeth....being a senior this year and going away to college next year has really made me slow down and try to enjoy the little things. <3

    1. That is what I tried to do last years as well. I tried to even enjoy school, which doesn't come naturally to me!