Saturday, January 21, 2017

Enjoying Life

Do a little somersault,
Or maybe a cart wheel. 
Some people mumble,
But I'd rather tumble.
I'd rather jump and skip,
Laugh and trip,
Just enjoy life.

I'll go dance, 
Giggle and prance,
Yell out loud,
Forget about the crowd
Of people who stare,
Of those who glare.
I'll just enjoy life.

Forget the mad,
But not the sad.
Give a flower or two
To cheer up you.
I'll bang on the piano,
Or scribble a poem
That hardly rhymes.

I'll run through the woods
Scamper and play
I could run all day.
I could grumble and complain
Or make fights and strife,
But I'd rather enjoy life!

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