Monday, January 16, 2017

Back In the Day...

I found some great pictures of our family from 2004 and 2005, when Micah was still around. I hope you will enjoy a little "history" of our family.

I think this was taken on the top of Baptist Hospital in Winston-Salem.  
Jesse, Josiah, me, Micah, Hannah, Bethany and Mom, Priscilla, and Gabriel.

Card-playing used to be a big thing in our house. Clockwise from Dad: Micah, Hannah, Josiah, and Gabriel. 

A Birthday party with our neighbors. We are STILL neighbors!

Christmas morning, 2004. Priscilla, me, Lydia, Hannah, and Bethany.
Below is of the boys on Christmas of the same year. Micah, Jesse, Josiah, and Gabriel. 

My 8th Birthday celebration in Durham. I tried to blow out the candles and they wouldn't blow out. We eventually dipped them in water; it was quite exciting.

Friends from VA visited us while we were living in Durham. 

Jesse playing guitar for Lydia. That was one of the boys favorite things to do. 

A friend's Birthday party. 

Back home after living in Durham for about 3 months. 

Micah loved to take pictures.

Family picture from 2005.

A picture of us kids. 

Micah, me (photo bomber!), and Jesse. 

Gabriel doing trampoline tricks for us and the neighbors. 

Have a great day and enjoy life. 



  1. Those are such nice pictures! The little baby who you called Lydia is super cute!

    1. I wonder if that baby is the one who just commented...