Saturday, January 14, 2017

Christmas at Our House

Of course, we had pasca for breakfast. 

Looking excited about breakfast.

Lydia dressed up for church.

Candles lit for dinner.

Enjoying the meal.

Though the morning was cloudy, the sun shined in the afternoon.

Our fake tree in the sunlight.

Bethany sitting in the afternoon sun. 

The living room becomes quite trashy at present opening time. 


                                                          Dad's Picture's of Christmas
Lydia "reading," Priscilla smirking, and me looking sick or tired. Overall, quite a funny picture, especially with dresser and lamp.

Lydia and I.

Do I look like a racetrack something or another?

Hannah and Lydia. 

Well, that was a nice day. 
Merry Christmas for this year!!



  1. Love the pictures. I guess we better get ready for another Christmas dinner this week!

  2. Yes! It was a nice time!