Wednesday, May 24, 2017

More From Haiti

You thought I was done with this topic, didn't you? Well, I'm back at it.

My team leader, Barbara, sent me some pictures that she took while there, so I thought you might enjoy seeing them. So all the photo credits go to Barbara in this post.

This was at the young girls' orphanage. 

Inside the young girls' orphanage. We were about to hear the Jericho story. 

Our team on the orphanage roof. Left to right is Barbara, Beth, me, Erica, and Kendal. 

Our team be the river at Valley of Hope. 

This is me and my translator telling the Bible story at the church. 

You may remember that I did NOT want to leave Valley of Hope on Sunday. I told you that right before we had to leave, I sat down and some little girls braided my hair. I didn't have a picture of that, but Barbara did, and I love it!
Here we are at the Wahoo Bay, eating our delicious meal. 

And, finally, the beautiful, smiling, photographer, Barbara (I guess the photo credits go to someone else here but I'm not sure who). 

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