Wednesday, May 3, 2017

"Hey You!"

I'd like to end my account of Haiti (you probably thought I was done in the last post) with a poem I wrote about the Haitians. It's among my worst poems, but it represents them pretty well. I calculated that at least 10 lines are basically word-for-word what the people have actually said to me (down to the "You're handsome" line). The other lines are concepts they seem to believe or things they imply by their actions. Try to enjoy!

Hey You!”

Hey you, hey you!
You are white,
You are light,
Your hair is long and straight,
I'll braid it while you wait.

Hey you!
Give me one dolla,
Bless me, bless me!
I like your colla,
Kiss me, kiss me!

Hey you!
You're American,
You are rich,
You ain't Haitian.
Jump over the ditch!

Hey you!
Are you married?
Got a boyfriend?
You could have tarried,
Has your visit come to an end?

Hey you!
I like you,
You're handsome,
And smart too.
Buy a drum.

Hey you!
Where do you live?
Will I see you again?
You always give,
And I want your pin.”

Hey you!
I love you,
Give me a ca',
Please do!

~Elisabeth Leake, 4/23/2017


  1. Hey you! Hey you! I like your poem! I can just picture those children running after our truck or van yelling "Hey you!"

  2. Yep, yep, yep! That pretty much sums it up!