Friday, May 19, 2017

In the Mountains on Mother's Day

On Sunday, Mom wanted to go hiking for Mother's Day, so after church we went to Hanging Rock State Park and hiked the Cook's Wall trail, which is really beautiful. These are some pictures I took along the hike.

The beautiful, winding path. 

We saw a deer along the trail. 

This was one of the cliffs by the path. 

Near the top there is a lot of green grass. 

Pilot Mountain. 

The end of the trail. We continued on, however. 

The rocks became very jagged when we got off the trail. 

Dad, Mom, and Lydia.

Mom and Dad coming back after our little detour. 

The steep rock wall. 

A close-up of the rocks. 

With my super power, I was able to push these rocks apart. 😉

Lydia walking in the grass. 

Sheer ecstasy. I could stay at this place for quite some time. 

Bethany in a clear, sparkling creek (that looked much better in reality than in this picture). 

The grass growing in the creek. 

Mom's gifts. Apparently we all thought Christmas or winter gift wrap was the best. 

Have a good one!

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