Wednesday, May 10, 2017

I Challenge You...

Are you ready for some fun? Do you ever feel like you just need a month without something? I sure do, so I made a list of things we don't really need.  I challenge you to pick one or more of the following things and have a month without.

1. No selfies. Might sound stupid, but if you think about it, we take so many pictures of ourselves, and why? Because we're really into ourselves, but it doesn't make us any better or look any better.

2. No YouTube. What?! I can't do that! We spend way too much time looking up one video after the next, why not take a break?

3. No sweets. This is something I need to do!

4. No coffee! Now, this is not something I struggle with, but I definitely know people who could stand to have a month without this beverage.

5. No soda. Who needs this sugary stuff anytime?

6. TV. Some people just turn on the TV without even thinking about it. We don't watch TV (we just watch movies), so this isn't really an issue, but you could also say no movies.

7. No computer. Now this may be difficult for people who have to keep up with their e-mails or do work on their computers, but there are some kids who could really do with much less computer use.

8. Texting. Some may excuse themselves that they keep up with people this way, but I'd say, "Call your friends!" This texting age just about drives me crazy sometimes.

Well that's all I could think of for the moment, but if you have any ideas, feel free to comment. If you decide to take me up on the challenge, I'd love to hear which one or ones you choose to do. Just for the record, I am taking selfies out of my life. You might not think I have a problem with this, but I find myself taking stupid pictures of my self all the time (stupid, because there's no point to take them).
Have fun, and enjoy the freedom from some of that extra stuff that holds us down. In the meantime, you might have more time to read the Word and actually be with people.
Time to go outside!


  1. I think there are several things on that list that I could benefit from eliminating in my life for a while. 1, for sure! No more selfies for me. Actually I don't do selfies but I still think I am too concerned about my looks. But as for the others, I don't think I could do it all at once but I can start with sweets and soda.

    1. That's a great choice, Mom. Maybe you could try to fast coffee next! Hahaha!