Thursday, August 25, 2016

Over the Hill...

And through the woods. Where will it lead? Where will we go? What will we find? Sometimes we just need to go on a little ramble. My sisters and I have gone on many explorations through our neighboring woods. We have been through it all (at least most of it) many times, but, especially when Hannah's home, we still love to go explore. We have a favorite spot that we call the "island" where the land dips and then rises again, probably where the loggers from long ago pushed all the debris from their logging. A little farther down the hill, there is a little spring that we call Leakey Spring where we often find salamanders or even a snake! Even if nothing especially exciting happens, it is fun to act like something is happening. Also we just enjoy being together.

     Life is a little like those rambles: we never know what we will come across. Sometimes those rambles might end in disaster, or we think they are disasters because we don't see the big picture--God's picture. God is always with us, and no matter where we end up, He will help us.

God bless, and enjoy the rambling!



  1. I love your rambling adventures with people and words! They always end up with something meaningful to take home in your heart!