Thursday, August 25, 2016

Do You Care For Some Tea?

In the SUMMER!! Oh, yes, in the summer, too! Who can resist a hot mug of tea or a tea party with friends (boys included!) in the middle of summer? Better yet, why not have a Christmas-themed party-- in the middle of summer! I should actually do that.

You may get the point by now: I like to do things untraditionally. I like to change things around a bit. Why not? Now, just to be very clear, I do NOT agree with homosexuality or transgender or anything of that sort. What God made to be a man, is a man. What God made to be a woman, is a woman. God also made marriage-- it was His idea-- as between one man and one woman. So now you know, I am talking about things instituted by man that do not go against God.

Of course, I can't deny that I like certain traditions (like pasca for Christmas breakfast every year, or hummingbird cake for Easter), but sometimes I wish people would realize that you don't have to do things just because "that's what you do." Or not do things during a certain season because "you only do that in the summer," or "you only do that around the holidays." (What "holidays are we even talking about? There are holidays all year long!)

So if you get invited to a tea party (remember, boys, they aren't just for girls)* or a Christmas party any time soon, don't be alarmed.

A tea party with friends in May. 

Another one in June. 

God bless you all, and don't forget your tea!


*One of the best tea parties I have been to included young men who seemed to enjoy it quite a bit. In fact, my older brother even did a surprise tea party for us girls one time.


  1. I love tea too and drink pepermint tea a few times a week! =)

    1. Oh, yes, peppermint is good for the head, but sadly, it is not my favorite kind. I prefer apple cinnamon.