Friday, March 25, 2016

# 4. CA Trip: Ireland

Day 8
Well, we didn't actually go to Ireland, but the hills we went to were so green, they reminded me of Ireland. We went to a place called Garen Dry Creek Trail right near where we stayed (actually I think I posted pictures of those hills from our house). Be ready for a LOT of green!

Green grass in our backyard.

The hills at Garen Dry Creek (the creek was not dry while we were there!).

Bethany climbing one of the hills.

Reaching the summit.

We could see for miles around. San Francisco is over there to the right somewhere, but it might not be visible in the picture.

The flowers were beautiful.

A close-up.

I really like this of the flowers, the windmill, and the clouds.

The famous photographer (I plan to do a post exclusively with his pictures, someday...).

God's beauty and glory were surely on dislpay here.

We saw several snails.

A farm yard.

Bethany jumping into the pond (at least, that's what it look like!). 

A cute Lydia in the pretty flowers.

Some mallards in the "dry" creek.

Mom on the John Deere tractor. 

This was a neat wall near the trail.

My delicious sandwich for our trip home the next day.

The last evening at the Liangs'. Not a great picture, but it shows us just enjoying time together. Left to right: Lydia, Dad with Johanna, Josiah, Cindy, Mom, John at the computer behind Mom, and Bethany.

Josiah and Cindy

Josiah, Johanna, and Cindy

A final picture of Cindy and Lydia. The flash came from a different camera.

Well, that is the basics of our trip to California. On the way home we stopped at our Great-uncle Harold's house and had lunch. 

I've had enough "CA Trip" posts to last a year!


  1. Yes, Garin-Dry Creek park was very green and very wet! In fact it had flooded. The ducks are swimming in the woods and on the trails! The flowers were so beautiful ad seemed to be at peak! The trip was topped off with our last visit to the Liang's. Till the next time!

  2. WOW! Those pictures are stunning Elisabeth! <3

    1. Thank you, Maggie. We sure had a good time.