Saturday, March 19, 2016

# 2. CA Trip: Rain, Rain, Rain

Day 4
On day 4, as I suppose it was, we went for a walk at Lake Merritt. Before we were even half way around the 3.1 mile lake, rain began to fall. We kept going and so did the rain. Eventually we girls stopped at a little wildlife station while Dad ran to get the van and get drenched. While were at the place, we watched a woman doing taxidermy on a bird. It was pretty interesting to watch.
Lake Merritt

There were a lot of birds, including this goose.

Sea gulls

Lydia with some interesting, squiggly trees.

Taxidermy: Removing the skin from the guts.

Day 5
All I could find for this day was a few pictures of Johanna. 
So far, I think I have taken all the pictures that I posted (except the one of me), but I don't know who took this one.

Day 6
I also do not know who took this one of Johanna.

Looking out our back yard, it look pretty boring...

Until you get a glimpse over that cinder block wall...
And see the train track that ran behind our house. Some of those trains were house-shaken!

Hangin' out at the Liangs'. Notice, Bethany and Lydia adoring Johanna. 

More later. 



  1. Although it did rain a lot while we were there, we did manage to do some fun things. Of course our main attraction was Johanna and nothing stopped us from seeing her!

    1. Yes, we had to see that little "monkey" (as Cindy calls her).