Friday, March 25, 2016

# 3. CA Trip: Adventures With Jesse

Day 7
On this beautiful day, the sun showed its bright face for at least half the day. We went to Lake Merritt again, but this time we were joined by our oldest brother, Jesse. There is prone to be adventure of some sort with him.

Lydia peaking out the window.

Writing a letter to a friend.

Lake Merritt. Notice the brightness compared to last time?

An egret at the lake.

Jesse loves to jump.

Lydia and Jesse jumping.

The lake and the building covered hills remind me of Greece.

Later we went to Treasure Island. This is Alcatraz Island, an old penitentiary.

San Francisco.

Jesse jumping, again.

The Bay Bridge.

Some pretty flowers on the island.

Leaving the island looking down the Bay Bridge.

Later we had Jesse, Josiah, and Cindy over for dinner. Of course, Johanna came too.

Cindy feeding Johanna.

More later!

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  1. Fun and lots of adventure! I am glad we had one good day with not a lot of rain and a great visit with Jesse.