Saturday, November 7, 2015


About 4 or 5 years ago, I began to be more interested in the country of Romania. I have a desire to be a missionary but where and when, I don't know. This is a little about the country of Romania:
        Romania is a southeastern European country bordering Ukraine to the north, Moldova to the east, Hungary and Serbia/Montenegro to the west, and Bulgaria to the south. The east also boarders 143 miles of the Black Sea. Besides native Romanians,there are Hungarian, Roma, Ukrainian, German, Russian, and Turkish in Romania. Religions include Eastern Orthodox, Protestant, Catholic, and Muslim.
        The Romanians respect older people and view the father as the head of the family. They are private people and like humility.
       The nation was Communist from 1947 to the revolution of 1989. Though the government is better, the country still reaps the problems of Communism. Prayer points include:
(2)"Christian" youth really having a personal relationship with Christ
(3)The political leaders
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God bless and good Sunday!
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