Saturday, May 7, 2016


    Hello, Friends. It appears that I have been gone for a long time, and I thought I would come back.
A lot has happened since April 1st (the last time I posted), so I will tell a little about it.
    One of the biggest things that comes to my mind is that I turned 19 on April 7th. It was a good, simple Birthday. We went to Siler City and got a few things at The Farmer's Alliance Store.
    The day after my Birthday, Mom and I went to a two-day training on how to teach a Precepts Bible study. Precepts teaches how to study the Bible in depth.
    Some time soon after that, we began the process of painting our school room. We are done and finally have it set up again. It is a totally new setup, but I like it.
    Finally, Dad and Mom went to New Jersey near the end of April to get a lot of stuff from our Great-grandma's house because she died in December. Right before they left, I got my license so that I could drive the girls to church while the Dad and Mom were away.
    In all of this, one thing remains -- English. Actually, God is truly the One that will always remain in all of my life, and that is such a wonderful and glorious thing. He is such a merciful God. But, anyway, it is also true that I have continued to plug along at my on-line English Composition class with the University of Northwestern (an expensive but recommended Christian college). I have done a lot of writing, and I was thinking I would post at least one of the essays I had to write. Therefore, I would like to see what my readers would most like to here of the following:
    1. An evaluation of the book Holiness by Nancy Leigh DeMoss
    2. The proposal of a solution to the problem of teens not hand-writing enough
    3. Speculating about the causes of college students leaving the church
    4. Observing a local business called Sportsman

Your choice!



  1. Which one did you get the best grade on? ;)

    1. So far I think I have gotten an A on all of them, but the last one I did (the causes about college students leaving church)my professor wants to use as an example for future classes. I guess that one was pretty good!
      Eliza Ann