Saturday, May 28, 2016

Hanging Rock

Last Wednesday we went to Hanging Rock State Park to hike and enjoy the Lower Cascades. We were joined by Priscilla's friend, Justus, and we had a great time.
Lydia always likes to get her picture taken at this rock.

One of the many views from the top.

The graggy rock edge.

The rocks at the bottom.

Priscilla, Hannah, Justus, and Bethany look over the edge.

I know this Sambucus peanut-butter sandwich looks disgusting, but it was actually really good.

A pine tree at the top.

Moore's Knob.

Farmland below the mountains.

Mountain Laurel on the rocky cliffs. 

Justus jumping. 

The Lower Cascades. 

Bethany in the water.


This smaller waterfall was fun to walk through. 

Lydia in the water.


The rushing water around Lydia's and my feet.

Justus, Lydia, and Priscilla in the little waterfall.

This section was really fun to walk through.

That is Hannah up there in the trees.

Justus (wearing Priscilla's glasses) and Priscilla.

From the bottom.




  1. What does "graggy" mean?

    1. I think she meant craggy!

    2. I did mean "craggy," but I think that graggy should be a new word that means "something that is almost craggy, but not as sharp-edged." How do you like that?

  2. It was a fun day and beautiful weather!